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Paimon6 is the most flexible emote in the known galaxy.

The game it comes from is also pretty good too, I guess. More Breath of the Waifu content coming soon, but I’ll also make an Among Us video when the new map comes out.

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Music Used:
New Super Mario Bros – Athletic Theme
Dark Souls 3 – Pontiff Sulyvahn
Ancient Grade – Ys – Final Battle

Xenoblade Chronicles – Eryth Sea (Night)
Kirby/Smash Bros/Whatever you know what it is – Meta Knight’s Revenge
TMNT Turtles in Time – Boss theme
Frappe Snowland – Mario Kart 64
Super Mario World – Ending Theme
Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – Lorule Castle
Persona 4 – Specialist


  1. The amount of drugs he used during making this video is immeasurable 👏

  2. Who need four winds when you can have four klee

  3. I'm not a big Genshin Impact fan, but your videos are, quality wise, really good!

  4. Venti: “how far can u fly??”
    Cat: “to s p a c e”

  5. i like the part when Elfen lied used the powers of the Dragon balls to kill the cat. (also i swear to god, that first part after finishing the f2p experience is way too damn relatable.)

  6. I have heard shamiko's Awa awa sounds. The waifus has come

  7. of all the 5 star characters, keqing? damn, that sucks… almost as bad as getting a constellation instead of getting a new character…

  8. when my dad maid a another account and then he got jean in ar 12 im emmprest

  9. This is the reason Klee goes to solitary confinement

  10. hi i just wanna ask if you post your vids on facebook? because i saw this in facebook lol i think your video was stolen

  11. pov: you got the geshin impact ad when you press the video

  12. Commits arson at the end of the video.
    This is a certified eevee moment

  13. My video started with a Genshin Impact ad…

  14. I gota genshin impact ad before the video started…

  15. don't fall for cute Klee, she will devastate everything you love

  16. Lol I remeber when I got Keqing, and the funny thing was that I was a noob, and I didn't know she was good

  17. Me: Mom can we have Breath of the wild, with W A I F U' S ???? At home

    Mom: But, we already have Botw with waifu's at home:

    Botw with waifu's at home:

    (No disrespect for this game)

  18. Alt title:4 Klees commiting massive genocide

  19. For me, the thumbnail is the other way around, since I’m f2p

  20. the people of mondstat shall no longer fear dvalin, but klee instead

  21. I can feel this Video and understand it

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