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There you have The Genshin Impact Fischl.exe, not going to lie,
i am not very happy with the result (it’s hard doing memes with bows xD)
I hope that at least you pass a good time ^^

Set: Gladiator set with 3 attacks and 1 attack%

Mega Dimension Neptunia V-II OST 09 Will Be Venus :
Mario Kart Wii – Coconut Mall [Remix] :
Bloodborne OST – The First Hunter :

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  1. Oh my goodness yes, using Fish as the wishing star BAHAHAHAHAH

  2. All i want is her and razor in my team

    Give it to me Gensgin Impact i need them!!

  3. When I was like AR 23 I struggled with Ruin guards and Ruin Hunters were like a nightmare to me. But the moment I leveled up my Fischl+Ninguang.. I fear no Ruin Robots no more.

  4. By adding JoJo, mihoyo created Razor, Fischl and Diluc

  5. I want so bad,i wanna bully the oceanid

  6. 1:57
    This remembers me a man that was rejected from the art school and almost destroyed the world

  7. Its o-fischl, I want her character 🙂

  8. Razor, fischl stand user and xiangling pokemon user

  9. There is only one Queen of Chuunibyou and they did Fischl right by choosing that queen to inherit the power of Oz

  10. Ok but she reminds me of ciel from black butler

  11. I don't want 5 stars, i want Bennett and Razor but MiHoYo did me dirty and gave me C1 Xiangling

  12. Oz is not a bird, he is not a pigeon, he is not a chicken, he is not a parrot, he is not a parkeet, he is not an eagle.

    He is a cactus

  13. My c6 Barbara and fischl duo are pure electro charged caos

  14. How to get fischl:
    1. get Honkai impact 3rd and tell her to come home
    2. watch this vid to boost da luck

    Edit: I finally got her. Just get Honkai impact

  15. How To Use Fischl – A Comprehensive Guide

    Step 1: B I R D
    Step 2: Profit.

  16. Fischl: Oz show me THE WORLD
    Oz: time stopping sounds

  17. I love that Hyperdimension neptunia ost (Will be venus).

  18. 3:23
    Dear oh dear… What was it, oh Great Astrologer Mona Megistus…? The Fate? The Vision? Or the abysmal dream? Tis' does matter no more… It always dawned upon the Prinzessin's hands to deal after these sorts of messes….

    This night… I, Fischl, Prinzessin der Verurteilung… Joins the Hunt

  19. That's just too perfect, maaan. How could you both strike so impossible a pose?

  20. Fischl is the only electro character I need and my collection will be complete

  21. Doesn't she look like asuka from evangelion but in the rebuild third movie You can (not) redo.

  22. Still don't know what her super actually do

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