Genshin Impact Gave me a FREE 5-Star! -

Genshin Impact Gave me a FREE 5-Star!

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Mtashed got ANOTHER 5-star on the normal banner. I was SHOCKED with what it ended up being!


  1. My chances of getting Amos Bow is the same as my chances of getting Vex Mythoclast…

    50+ clears and still nothing…

  2. Actually there's Sara who would prefer Amos bow over any 4 star one just because her energy generation sucks = doesn't use ER bows while scales from Base ATK for buff and ATK% for her own damage.

  3. Mean while I keep frizzing getting CLAYMORES when I don’t even use or build any characters that use STINKING CLAYMORE

  4. This man's gotta stop spending primos on the standard banner

  5. if I'm going to be honest refinements of 5 star weapons are overrated if you have god artifacts like the only reason I see Mtashed refining Amos is because he is a ganyu main like his ganyu is insane but if you struggle on damage from artifacts and need the damage of course its worth it but if I'm going to be honest since I use a wide array of characters I would rather slot it on a different character with that 5 star weapon because I don't main one specific team for example I have 2 mistsplitter reforged I use one on Kaeya and the other on jean. Lastly that "little bit of extra damage" truly is a stigma if Mtashed will argue back that a little bit of damage is worth it or not which its not but I'm down for the road to FTP R5 Amos that will be an insane day for the genshin community. ❤❤❤

  6. Well I mean, he did earn it. I'm not mad at it but hella jelly.

  7. Wait, how come he spent the primogems on the standard banner?

  8. Dude, it looks like you’re really becoming… well not addicted but very attached to wishing 😅
    Good thing you’re f2p now 👍

  9. Is that just me or everyone has noticed that Mtashed talks about support and never uses a support character?
    Or it's just he is a God of F2P?

  10. What are your ganyus stats? CR, CD & total ATK?? Keen to know

  11. 0:21 what i think im going to get in mail every time theres a notification

  12. Ma man get his THIRD amos, when i get my second Qiqi.

  13. This account is so far from free to play😐

  14. Why seems a lot of people debating mtashed isnt f2p cos he got primogem from mihoyo? Dude he is f2p and never spend any money on this game. So whatever it is he still be f2p. Why people whinning about not have any good device to stream then please upgrade your device. If u guys dont have money? Then work for it dude.

  15. Its that Ganyu that gives him the confidence to burn his primos as an f2p. Cuz its gonna be a while before any character rivals Ganyu in terms of damage output lol xD. Also R3 Amos Bow. Bruh xD. He doesn’t any other character lol xD.

  16. I got similar luck, but with R4 lost prayer. 100 f2p too

  17. I havent seen the video before posting this comment but ik that there will be atleast 10"this changes everything"

  18. amos bow is literally the only bow you should refine as a F2P player, mtashed really is F2P god

  19. Just like PJWS i got two standard and weapon banner for my Zhongli and Hutao. Thank you Mihowyow

  20. i'm glad he refined it… i don't think many people considered how much of an investment it is to level up a 2nd copy of a 5 star weapon. lots of resin and ore chunks

  21. Was Mtashed saying that he would refine the wolfs gravestone? I got two from the standard banner but don’t have Diluc and don’t even use Beidou. Should I just refine my wolfs gravestone and save it for Dilic and then give Beidou the battle pass claymore if I ever do end up using her?

  22. Same as clip channel why dude
    Wtf you're doing

  23. Yesterday I got my first 5 star and it's Qiqi. I was sad at first but later I played with her for some time and realised she was actually not that bad. Considering I don't have a good shield character, her healing is very efficient. I'm a F2P btw.

  24. if they ever decide to make a primordial jade bow…. thats where im saving my primos for.

  25. I have a c6 Ganyu, c6 Diona, c5 Mona, and c6 Venti… literally watched the vid and pulled to get my NOW R3 Amos bow!!! Imma watch your videos while I pull from now on

  26. They can give twitch streamer 3000 primos but not the whole community for anniversary or ever that’s sad

  27. I definitely would've refined it too but also just as a counter point Sara could've used the higher base atk

  28. Had it r2 for a while, i've come to the conclusion 5 star refinement really isn't worth it unless it costed you nothing. You already have 4 star r5's out performing r1 5 stars, games really getting in a shitty nothing to do meta state honestly, the new content isn't feeling like new content (Other than Labyrinth Warriors which is basically a rehash of honkais elysians realm.) and the sour aftertaste of the anniversary still lingering isn't helping much. I mean really, a year or two from now when ftp and small spenders finally start c6'ing their mona/diluc/qiqi etc, and r5ing their wolfs gravestone/skyward spines etc are they even going to be worth anything? I'm starting to seriously doubt it but then again with the way mihoyo does content maybe the enemy meta will be the same so maybe they will be.

  29. He's gonna r5 amos bow at this point
    Probably ganyu rerun with this weapon

  30. For me I got C4 Diluc because he always win in my 50 50. Hahahaha

  31. Still waiting for my own Amos bow. Congrats on your pull!

  32. Why don't give it to Kujou Sara? Smh, she can do big buff with that bow

  33. Technically, technically, technically, technically only a 1000x reward were given out to streamers and you got 4 of them.

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