Genshin Impact Just Got Deleted -

Genshin Impact Just Got Deleted

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Genshin Impact got review bombed and everyone is continuing the pressure for more communication and rewards from Mihoyo for the big Genshin Impact 1 Year Anniversary


  1. When people say deleted I think they mean the company will give up on the product in the future because if you lose most of the Player Base there’s not much reason to stay invested in the long-term. this is the problem when companies treat their product like a cash cow it’s not sustainable but maybe that’s what the game was designed to be in the first place just a Cash cow because overall the gameplay is very shallow in some aspects and yes we’re only a year into the game but in most cases the first year can be crucial within the business it’s all about how you present yourself and their presentation leaves something to be desired.

  2. Woah! 2.6 Stars?? I imagine it started pretty High, maybe 4 – 4.5 Stars (please confirm)? This is exactly how a community should respond to Developer’s Poor Behavior!

    Band together – Take no Prisoners!!!

  3. Welp this game is beautiful so i dont mind getting those rewards 😂

  4. With all that greed from mihoyo all year long, people will always hate mihoyo now.

  5. Now get this to happen on the App Store, already left my 1 star rating. I encourage everyone else to do the same

  6. Guys I have heard that people are threatening on kokomi VA stream guys please understand it has nothing to do with her if you got problems please go for mihoyo stop going to her stream and stop being toxic its not fair

  7. Mihoyo is part of CCP rn. This is the result when a communist party handles a video game. Censorship is all over and community feedback is non-existent.

  8. I don't know if I agree with the amount of hate pointed towards the anniversary, it is a free game, and isn't obligated to give anything really. But everyone has their own opinions I guess.

  9. MiHoYo and Genshin community
    "They were best friend…. until they weren't"

  10. I just remembered raiden shogun quest, where ei was being decieved about the situation,

    * Could it be …. Oh no…

  11. Many people are attacking players because they are contented with the rewards, genshin is becoming toxic.

  12. Honestly this is what we get for trusting a Chinese company

  13. Mhy chose to use (paid) buzzer to regain rating. I'm afraid money from whaller to make genshin alive used for this.

  14. Zhongli: "my creator… Please don't force the travelers to abandon us'

  15. Its like a war zone and Im holding a popcorn enjoying the show 😊

  16. i like the friendly reminder about not attcking devs but taking it to manegment

  17. People mad because they are being disrespected by Genshin.

  18. Also the download count came down to 10m+ from 100m+

  19. with Mihoyo ignoring people's criticism for the last few patches, and actively silencing them with censorship, i think players speaking with their wallets is the next most sensible decision. Mhyo has actively been deleting comments from players who genuinely love this game and have nothing but constructive feedback. If you're free to play and already aren't spending primogems, the only other way to hit them in the wallets is through the play store. I love the game too but honestly i think they deserve it at this point. never seen a company this big that can't handle their own PR

  20. I understand everyone's sentiment towards the mismanagement of this situation by Mihoyo but there are many many people among the millions who play this game for comfort, and not just the rewards. As much as Mihoyo needs to do better, so do we as a community to be as wholesome as possible. Do not sabotage the position for the millions.. at the same time stand up against the wrong in the right ways. It's a hard balance to strike, and I hope we all make it through this.

  21. I am quite saddened things have to come to this. I think you addressed the most important thing right now, it's not the fault of most of the employees in Mihoyo, but they are getting the brunt of it. I pity the poor developers, graphic designers, music composers that put in so much effort for the game to see this happening to their baby. This is a decision coming from the top management of Mihoyo and I think it's no longer about the rewards right now, it's the fact that they are blatantly ignoring the community that is fusing this anger. I wonder how are they gonna resolve this, because tbh, all they needed to do before is to issue an official statement with regards to the anniversary rewards. If there is nothing, those who still wanna play the game will suck it up n continue. And those who don't will quit. Now… even their most loyal players and content creators are turning their backs on them. It's gonna be hard to redeem themselves now, even offering a free 5* right now may not even resolve this whole situation.

  22. Yes this is MIHOYOS fault
    Not the people who code and work on the game

  23. honestly this is getting comedic, players rate bombing and mihoyo ignoring it.

  24. They will probably wait to say something until the 2.2 stream

  25. this is probably the results of a few greedy individuals at the top of mihoyo. what baffles me the most is that they are stingy with FAKE currency that has no real value. they;d rather lose real money in order to save fake currency for UNREALIZED profits. the lack of good leadership at mihoyo is as clear as day.

  26. Ok I was angry at first but now I'm just sad. This has turned into a shit show with no small contribution from MiHoYo Reps and the extremely toxic side of the community.

  27. Even though I'll still play the game I finally see why it's fun to watch the world burn.

  28. I think a lot of this put MiHoYo in a very precarious situation. And by no means am I defending them, however with all the hostility and negativity headed their way, and with all the demands the community is making, I would find it hard for MiHoYo to buckle and drop big rewards at this point. It would set a dangerous precedent in that every time their community throws a tantrum (albeit these rewards are pretty sad, and some of their recent characters have been clunky and not functioning as people feel they should) they would feel inclined or pressured to let everyone have their way. Meaning meta slaves and tryhards, and people who just want big PP numbers all the time, and the people who just want handouts all the time would always be trying to dictate how this companies game should be played.

    Are there things that could be better? Absolutely! Should they have stayed radio silent and tried to mute negativity in the concerns addressed by their community? Heck No! Do I want to see some tweaks to fix the characters that are not functioning correctly such as Yoimiya's ICD and Raiden/Beidou interaction issues? Of course! Are the anniversary rewards so far lackluster compared to most other Gacha games? YEPPERS!

    But do I like playing the game as a whole with all the cool characters and stories, grinding all my artifacts and trying to improve and build my team up, enjoy a lot of the in game events that are held where we learn more about our favourite characters and explore the world? Yeah I do. I still think Genshin is one of the most fun/relaxing games I've played in a long time and I will still continue to play. That being said I would like to see much better communication from MiHoYo to their player base as well as at least hearing out the concerns and maybe responding to some of them (not necessarily give us everything we ask for, but at least address issues and explain why certain mechanics/characters/event etc are set up the way they are).

    I wish everyone the best of luck in their 10-pull that we can redeem a week from now POGGERS!

  29. wow, i delete this game after zhong li buff update. and i dont regret that!

  30. Now mihoyo knows the pain of not getting a five star.

  31. What's really sad about this is the people who are going to suffer the most are the artist, the programmers, musicians, etc… all the people who put the blood sweat and tears in it are the ones who will be hit the hardest.

    The business executives, marketing team, administrative staff etc.. responsible for bad planning, bad rewards, bad community out reach, lack of long term fulfillment will be unaffected and just move on to the next project or investment.

  32. John 3:16

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  33. Dude it’s not even that they aren’t reading. Posts are being censored and removed.

  34. The 1st anniversary has more content than the endgame of Genshin…

  35. I'm not sure what people were expecting tbh? How many gift vouchers will you receive when Amazon hit its 30 years of trading? We could have got 1000 primos at this anni but people would have found something to moan about. I love this community but sometimes all it does is feel sorry for itself…Chin up its all still FREE lol

  36. it was 1.6 but they are deleting reviews very nice 🙂

  37. Anyone defending mihoyo at this point is bootlicking lmao. Keep bending the knee and take your free login fowl

  38. Bruh this fan base is getting kinda wack. The anniversary is pretty good dunno why y’all so angry about it

  39. ‼️‼️‼️YALL LISTEN UP!!!‼️‼️‼️
    i cant still believe this game is free


  40. I feel bad for their coders and stuff cause now even honkai is getting raided because of this shit

  41. Maybe I'm just a casual player who plays it after long & tiring day at work, so all I need is fun. Honestly this game has been given me that. You guys have right to be mad for certain reasons because of expectation you built since like, beginning, maybe. But for me, I have no expectation because I seek for fun in this game, and it's there, and I've never waste my money too much for gacha, I have my limit. That's why I continue to play it until now. Anyway, I wish a good luck for anything you guys fight for. Peace!

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