Genshin Impact - LVL 90 Kokomi Heal & Damage Showcase (Story Quest Build) -

Genshin Impact – LVL 90 Kokomi Heal & Damage Showcase (Story Quest Build)

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Genshin Impact (PC / PS4 Pro) – LVL 90 Kokomi Heal & Damage Showcase with C3 Story Quest Build
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Gameplay Raw footage edited in a synthetic manner for information purposes. All Gameplay played, recorded & edited by me.
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  1. Wow, she's so strong and Unique 🙄 ( Sarcasm )

  2. I think mihoyo should have made her burst give her a 50% dmg bonus based o. Max hp….that way she can compete with jean, qiqi or Noelle…….she takes up 10 seconds of your Time to do 7k dmg really when Raiden, eula, hu tao, ganyu, etc can do 100k…..are you kidding me mihoyo!!!!

  3. So you are telling me 35k hp, 35% healing bonus lv90 Kokomi with with her lv90 BiS weapon does 4.5k dmg per hit? This is just unacceptable.

  4. What is this outro song called i love it

  5. Its so weird seeing kokomi gain buffs from the raiden shogun 😂

  6. Why the fuck would they give her 4-piece noblesse? Holy shit that’s useless on her?? I’m so tired of this dumbass company not knowing their own game

  7. i swear guys i just spend 1 single roll in this banner and suuddenly get her

  8. I dunno, but I find her bland imo. 😅 Other utility char does a better job than her. 😌 Mihoyo could’ve hit a jackpot with her only if they didn’t do the -100 CR 🤣🤣

  9. she's ute, but I'm waiting for reruns((hope will get her on her next banner

  10. She will work so well with my ayaka and freeze comp

  11. This is just Qiqi with different element

    and abit of height

  12. Now i think it's kinda weird when Mihoyo always tries to give us shitty artifacts when we test a new character. Aren't they supposed to give us the best the artifacts so that we can see the full potential of that character."I mean who would pull a character who can't even deal 10k dmg to the enemies at lv90 with the best weapon" – A person who got Mona and now crying in the conner.

  13. Ik ppl should pull what they want.. Im not trying to be busy body, but i just want to say based on this video

    i lowkey feel bad for anyone pulling her esp if you are f2p, better invest for other 5* dps. Yeah she's pretty, but pretty can't help in fighting. Barbara e is better and that healing tick? Diona and bennet is better. No hate to kokomi, im disappoint how mhy release char with such kit.

  14. Barbara is far more better than her in healing

  15. Noblesse with 60 crit rate and 90 crit damage…They are actually don't know how their character works….

  16. I wonder how much waling was necessary just to be the first to put her that leveled up in a video – with her banner weapon fully leveled up as well on top that is!
    C3 even… LOL fuck me and my basically non existent budget that forbids anything besides blessing and battle pass.

  17. i already have barbara i dont need another one.. Plus barbara best and is better i will never replace barbruhjh

  18. why does she heals faster than qiqi….. it's not more than qiqi overall but its more frequently

  19. That's weird when I went to test her I got the hydro 4 piece set on her with her 5 star weapon. Her autos during her ult was hiring for 7-8k non crit. Some people are hitting 11-12k non crit and she has good range. Shes much better than I thought. That jellyfish heals so hard too 5k+ a tick it's kinda crazy and she can be a really good hydro enabler when she's on the field with her jelly. Her consolations though looks like it will make her hit really hard for a non crit character which is kinda sad :(. But I'm waiting for the whales, theory crafters to do their thing to help us understand more.

  20. I accidentally got her in just one 10 pull. Been testing around and she's honestly not as bad as I thought she'd be. Not the greatest no, especially since I have a fully built Mona . But she's decent. Her healing however is just really really good. Build her as a healer guys. Don't do one thing and regret while complaining soon after.

  21. I just want to share, I am thinking I would like to lose on 50/50 of this banner
    I lost and I got diluc
    Happiest lost of my life

  22. She will be a really nice character if someone doesn't have a healer but me with Jean, QiQi, Xingqui, Bennett, and Barbara. she is useless to me.

  23. Bro her voice…idk something about it…is just not it for me

  24. I'm more surprised by the damage Ei does.. she damn took all the spotlight

  25. Love how I still need to wait for a little under 2 hours before the banner comes out. Time zones can be so unfair.

  26. Ok so Im new to Genshin Impact and I went here bc I didn't know how to play this character. I just got her earlier

  27. Her ult should be full support and she should not have damage in her kit IMO she's a healer why would i want to dps with her. Her e could have been like zhongli give you resistance to interruption and follows you around with 100% up time I mean they made zhongli that broke why not her.

  28. I see she's not BAD per say, but she's the first 5 star since prepatched Zhongli that does not feel like a 5 star. Like good healing, but we aleady have Barbara or Bennett for that and they assist other characters in many other ways. She's the first since 5 star that I can confidently say 99% should skip. Also with rumors of a Ganyu rerun I cant see a logical reason to push players to spend money on getting her.

    It's like they wanted to give us the Hydro/Catalyst version of Qiqi with a poor attempt to dethrone Barbara. She also has so little setup to be cool before her dedicated quest. It's like they wanted to sell us on her looks alone and her numbers aren't doing her any favors.

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