Genshin Impact - Maguu Kenki Boss Fight (Inazuma Samurai LvL 93) -

Genshin Impact – Maguu Kenki Boss Fight (Inazuma Samurai LvL 93)

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Genshin Impact (PC / PS4 Pro) – Inazuma Samurai Maguu Kenki Boss Fight LvL 93 Golden Apple Archipelago Act 3 Midsummer Islands
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Gameplay Raw footage edited in a synthetic manner for information purposes. All Gameplay played, recorded & edited by me.
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Normal Boss: (0:00)
Drops & Rewards : (2:45)
High Level Boss: (3:20)
Aftermath: (5:13)

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  1. wow you beat it so fast, but when I do it I don't do even close to as much damage as you.

  2. How am i gonna acsend kazuha i missed thus event:(


  4. Awesome i hope he stays available after the event

  5. Kinda spoiled the story though

  6. Is it immune to anemo? Cuz my main team has Xiao and venti

  7. Now THIS is the kind of event I love and wanna see more of. One where multiple characters are involved in the story, and we see interactions between them as the event progresses 😀

  8. how did u unlock the boss is the most important question ?

  9. my brain’s trying to figure out why kaeya, diluc, albedo, and razor are here in the quest 😭
    if kaeya’s here, whos taking jean’s place in mondstadt

    edit: i've just been told lisa is taking over for jean, thank you to everyone who has been telling me lmao

  10. You kmow mihoyo is running out of ideas to name a boss because maguu kenki literally means magic puppet demon sword

  11. What part of the midsummer island quest does Diluc, Kaeya, Albedo, and Razor got in the island?

  12. i wish it didnt have the boring ass monstadt battle music, this is supposed to be a inazuma boss why isnt there inazuma music playing

  13. No one:
    me: wondering how razor got to the island

  14. When you realize the only person eligible to substitute Jean in Mondstadt is Eula. Vengeance is finally hers.

  15. I'm happy to see Albedo interact with Mondstadt characters other than Sucrose. Especially Klee! With each new act this update bring even more surprises. The reward system is not bad and too time-gated too. Plus, explorable island with chests/puzzle/minigames.

    Can't wait for Inazuma. The experience might be tenfold better than this update!

  16. 0:35 What a beautiful shot, so many characters in one frame interacting. We need more of this!

  17. Is one of the rewards seriously shivada jade (cryo stones)?! We already got four bosses that dispense that stuff. We need more bosses that dispense varunada lazurite (hydro stones) other than oceanid.

  18. i wonder if golden apple archipelago will disappear when the event end.

  19. ? pause didn’t that say this dang boss is immune to charged shots from bow users
    No one is ganyu prof.

    Ganyu POV: I clearly didn’t see a shield

  20. is there actually a lot of story on the new islands? i havent tried it

  21. cryo and anemo, this boss is just boreas without resistence

  22. I wish he was tougher even world tier 8 is easy

  23. "Wow! Moving, it's moving!"
    And he's also angry!

  24. I only use Ganyu and Noelle. Maguu Kenki is not so overpowered I hear of him.

  25. OMG , just like dvalin fight with all this people .

  26. HOw in the hell, did diluc, albdeo, kaeya and mother f'ing razor get there.

  27. Diluc, Kaeya, Razor crashing at Aether's beach date with Jean and Barbara. Lol

  28. Bruh i cant even defeat him
    His dam shield

  29. Maguu kenki: I UNSTOPABLE
    Noelle,albedoo,papa jong-li: hold our shield and elevator

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