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  1. Genshin Fandom : thinks jean is klees mother

    Alice : actually the mom


  2. #GIM
    Kazuha banner is coming :
    Me : I just want hit the pity
    My Account : The 5* pity right ?
    Me : …
    My account : The 5* pity, right ?

  3. #GIM

    Me enjoying the music peacefully
    Hilichurls shows up and it starts playing battle theme music

    Me: so you have chosen death

  4. #GIM
    Kazuha : storm is coming
    Me : Now I am MOTIVATED

  5. #GIM
    Nobody :
    Literally nobody:
    Kazuha before attacking soldiers : MANGEKYO SHARINGAN

  6. If I hear theyre gonna release jean again, kazuha won't be getting my pity.

  7. #GIM
    Me: Don't pull for kazuha. You have enough anemo support characters. Save up for xiao rerun.

    Me after hitting hard pity in Klee banner but not having enough primos for her: One more anemo support won't make any difference-

  8. Being hetero is a fragile thing😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…..correct a thousand percent

  9. Can someone please explain to me the f2p c0 c4 c2 and all the rest because I am so confused-

  10. #GIM
    If all the Genshin characters met each other
    Kaeya: who is this
    Ayaka: I’m you, but better
    Kaeya: no >:(
    Jean: omg you also have work?
    Ganyu: yes
    Keqing: yes
    Hu Tao: oh who is this grumpy old man
    Diluc: at least I’m not childish
    Hu Tao: not to mention your burst is my skill
    Diluc: istg
    Klee: OMG
    Diona: OMG
    Zhongli: omg it’s that bard that made traveller drunk
    Venti: what it’s worth it
    Diona: who even likes wine ew
    Zhongli: ikr
    Diluc: ikr
    Venti: how dare you
    Kaeya: wine is awesome
    Rosaria: I like wine

  11. #GIM

    When you wake up after dreaming of (insert any element)

    IT's A visOn.

  12. beidou watching kazuha fighting
    beidou: i raised that boy

  13. #GIM
    Me: Originally pulling for Klee
    Also me after knowing that Ayaka comes in 1.7: Gotta save those primos for the F2P

  14. #GIM
    Someone: What's your Team in Genshin?
    Me: Husbando-Husbando-Husbando
    Someone: You're AR 55 you can't just have 3 CHarakters in your Team
    Me: And then there's Venti

  15. #GIM
    Sayu: I came home, are you proud of me?
    Traveler: No.
    Sayu: Why?
    Traveler: I wanted Yoimiya.

  16. ME: Waiting for Sayu……

    Rosalia shows up…

    ME: Uhhhhhhhh…… Hesitation 100


  17. Mihoyo: You want 5 star spend cash now
    Me: Im a kid
    Mihoyo: ok and!?
    Me: give me 5 star
    Mihoyo: ok gives a weapon
    Me: 😀🔪happiness

  18. Kazuha fighting hilichurl:
    "Breath of Anemo 3rd form: Swirling Anemo"

  19. #GIM
    If your boy has:
    White hair
    Wields a sword
    And has red clothing
    That's not your boy that's Bennett

  20. #GIM

    Girl:I bet he's thinking of other girls

    Boy:wait if a geo bow user releases ,does that mean their just bowing rocks?!?

  21. Klee,yanfei and tartaglia: exists
    Me:hmmmmm wait a minute…
    Klee:monstadt smol
    Yanfei:liyue medium
    Tartaglia:snezhnya large
    Me:ohhhhhh theres a pattern.

  22. #GIM

    Me: * f2p*

    My dream: why should I die for primos… nvm I’ll die for primos

  23. Me whos already seen most of the memes on reddit beforehand: i am four parallel universes ahead of you


  24. me: attempting to jump on top of something and thinking of taking traveler out for the rock thing

    traveler: oh you wanted it on the top? im sorry, i can only make it go 1000 meters below

  25. About the elements, they are correct based on Latin and Greek languages

  26. needs hydro femboi to do any relevant damage

    That made me laugh lmfao

  27. 3:30 literally what happened to me…

    My dream team is Beidou, Hu tao, Zhongli, Ganyu, Kaeya, Mona and Venti

  28. #GIM

    Me: is trying to get some fischl constellations.
    Mihoyo: gives me a five star in 20 pulls

    Me knowing that it’s my gaurenteed pity: fudge

    *a week later

    Me: decides to do a 10 pull for fun
    Mihoyo: *gives me another five star
    Me: No bloody way.
    Mihoyo: proceeds to give me another diluc

    Me: bruh why Mihoyo, why a C2 Diluc? I just want a Mona….

  29. The Bell: Working wonders on Beidou since her Elemental Skill damage scales based off max HP.
    Genshin players: I will pretend I didn’t see that 💗

  30. The fact that hu tao is close to a ferrari and he wears mercedes makes me mad af.

  31. "Being hetero is a fragile thing"
    Me, a lesbian: "So being gay"

  32. Friend: plays Kazuha voice audio Me: Razor? Aether? Has the ship finally sailed? #GIM

  33. #GIM
    Fattui: Where did we get all the money from?
    load of a million dollars

  34. I got Sucrose on my first day of having Genshin I was so confused but happy at the same time 😂

  35. #GIM
    Kazuhas trailer:
    Me looking at beidous thighs: I dont need it…I dont need it….I dont need it…. I NEED ITTTT!

  36. 4:26 i'd think it would be like some of those flowers that you step on to bomb would be their weapon or some vines come out from the book and traps the enemies for a few seconds

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