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  1. #GIM
    The genshin impact community:YOUR ABOUTTA GET REPLACED

  2. #GIM
    Mihoyo: Did you get Klee?
    Me: Yes.
    Mihoyo: What did it cost?
    Me: Everything.

  3. Traveler: Bennet, do you have a type?
    Bennet: hmm, not really
    Fischl and Razor: Hello
    Bennet, quietly: electro 4 star physical dps that speaks weirdly

  4. #GIM

    Zhongli Havers: is this some sort of mortal joke I’m too godly to understand?

  5. #GIM
    Me who just got diluc
    My best friend constantly laughing and thinking i got him from pity
    Me who doesnt even know what pity is:

  6. honestly, i wouldnt care if i get keqing in kazuha banner

  7. Oceanid:You can't defeat me.

    Any elements:I know, but he can

    Electros:Who summoned me?

  8. #GIM

    Sayu, using her Elemental Skill: exists

    literally every kind of Vishap creature: "And I took that personally."

  9. mihoyo: i think i forgot something

    community: if you forgotten, It wasn't important.

    Mihoyo: Yeah you'are right.

    Dust of azoth: *cries*


  10. #GIM

    A thousand question with paimon: 10/10
    Paper exam: 0/100

    I'm crying 🙁

  11. *Epic handshake meme*
    Handshake: Hating on carrots

  12. #GIM
    Random abyss mage in dragonspine: you walked right beside me and past me? Oh okay cool

    Abyss mages in Liyue and mondstadt 6 light years away: HOW DARE YOU TRESPASS ON MY TERRITORY

  13. #GIM
    Mihoyo: releases a character teaser with Beidou
    Me: Where Xinyan?

  14. #GIM
    When u get childe but now u have to do ocenoid
    -I have won ….
    But at what cost?

  15. #GIM
    Maguu kenki in LOV event in nutshell
    Maguu kenki : I fear NO player
    Maguu kenki: but that thing
    "Albedoo main with elevator"
    Maguu kenki: its scares me

  16. #GIM

    Her: he’s probably thinking about other girls.

    Me:is Hu Tao’s little ghost thing someone’s spirit that Hu Tao now keeps as a pet?

  17. helicoptrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr says:

    No, baal didn't give kazuha anemo vision. It was originally electro. But when a person connected to you dies there is a chance the vision will change elements. (electro changed into anemo)

  18. Totally Baal and not Mei Raiden, your order is? says:

    Hyperion: Baby I’m not even here, I’m a hallucination

    Kallen: Am I a joke to you?

  19. No one:
    No one even fishl with her monologue:
    Me: Trying to play that song on the lyre:

  20. #GIM
    Me: constantly wishing
    *Wishing 4 star*
    Me: cool what is it
    Wish: it's Barbara

  21. #GIM
    After doing a acsend farm: phew I'm finished
    Ascend not finished
    Materials and mora: you haven't got enough bruh

  22. #GIM
    Mihoyo: how should we advertise our game
    Fan base: the trailers are cool maybe add those?
    Mihoyo: adds a montage of aether swimming as an ad

  23. #GIM

    Me:I’m not gonna wish on the kazaha banner
    sees rosaria
    Where’s my primos?!!!

  24. #GIM

    Me: pulling for new characters

    "Gets keqing "

    Me a keqing main:this is…. ACCEPTABLE

  25. person A: you answer your phones really quickly, why so?
    Person B: My ringtone is Katheryne saying Ad astra abyssosque welcome to the Adventurers' Guild.
    Person a: … fair enough


  26. #GIM

    Diona: I'm a Cryo char

    Traveller: So you use Cryo artifact sets, right?

    Diona: uses 2p Tenacity + 2p Bolide

    Traveller: You use Cryo artifact sets, RIGHT?

  27. #GIM

    Kazuha : there’s a storm coming.
    The Storm : kazuha simps and ppl pulling for him and not him but the 4*'s in his banner

  28. #GIM

    Traveler: Hey Keaya, why are you hiding under the stairs?

    Keaya:SHHHHS he might hear you!

    Diluc entering the tavern: PSPSPSPSPS

  29. Me : *doesn’t like keqing*
    Mihoyo : you don’t? Well, here’s a c1 keqing for bad luck sweetie

  30. “Corporate wants you to find the difference between this picture and this picture”
    *picture of Timmy*
    *picture of this one pigeon guy in Miraculous Ladybug*
    “they’re the same picture”


  31. #GIM

    Me after accidentally pulling Klee and Keqing within a span of two days: 😃

    Me after looking at my 37 mora, 2 EXP books, and utter lack of resources to raise them: ☹️

  32. #GIM
    Me: *sees Raiden leaks
    Also me: *sees Raiden in honkai impact ad when want to see some YouTube vids: *confused ungga bungga

  33. Amber just being amber
    ganyu: cryo amber
    Yoimiya: PYRO GANYU

  34. 7:32 You noobs are still having trouble with the Oceanid?
    Me: laughs in Yanfei/Beidou supremacy

  35. Me:* just wants to find comments about the video.*
    Comment section:#GIM supremecy.

  36. It makes no sense that elemental artifacts have other elemental mains. Like artifacts that increase electric atk n the main damage is cryo. Or Pyro. Worse there the only ones. I swear no matter how much I farm. Its always def hp atk…

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