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Welcome to another episode of Genshin Impact Memes!
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  1. GIM
    Inazuma exist
    Me: completing all mysteries in Liyue,Mondstadt and dragonspine so I can explore Inazuma with peace

  2. 2.38 it's me i trying to build Noelle but i got perfect ninguang artifacts for mu C2 ninguang

  3. #GIM

    Azhdaha: so who bullied you this week?
    Childe: starts getting flashbacks

    childes mind:
    traveler transforming into hu tao, ganyu then again hu tao and then sucrose, then bennett and again hu tao then ganyu

    Childe: well um

  4. Her: he's probably thinking about other girls
    Him: Why the heck does baal need visions

  5. #GIM
    me : * knows that we goin on a trip from Inazuma to Sumeru *
    Also me : Is that a JoJo reference ?

  6. #GIM
    Me : i want five star now }:(
    Mother : we already have a five star at home
    Five star at home : amber's uniform and lumine

  7. #GIM
    No one:
    Genshin Impact Players when their Primogems is 159 and near Soft Pity:Ugh here we go again……..*pulls out credit card*

  8. #GIM
    Chongyun: Popsicles
    Xiangling: Jueyun Chilis
    Traveler: paimon slices

  9. #GIM
    Everyone: I hate getting Qiqi!
    Me who has Jean but would give her for a Qiqi if I could: I don’t understand you.

  10. Content now:_____
    Content after 2.0 update: tutorials of how to solve puzzle, all electroloceulus locations, and farming route of __
    Taka gg: business is booming

  11. Actually Sumeru is made after Iraq, not Egypt but oh well…….

  12. 7:12 a trip from germany to china to japan to egypt to france to …. (natlan) to russia

  13. #GIM

    i fear no man.

    But that thing…

    Bald characters

    It scares me.

  14. #GIM
    Traveler: Oh look Inazuma it's really amazing right? And new banner is Ayaka. Owh i wanna save and pull her
    Kazuha: Well then you'll gonna be forget me right?
    Traveler: No, that's isn't true. Right?

  15. *when yoimiya’s banner is dropping on amber’s birthday, which is 2 days before 5.0 & Herrscher of Flamescion release*



  16. #GIM:
    Someone: I don’t need traveler in my team, he’s too weak.
    Electro traveler: what did you say?

  17. #GIM
    Me: lost the 50/50
    Also me, wanting future characters: reality can be whatever i want

  18. #GIM
    Venti: people don't believe me when i tell them I'm barbatos
    Zhongli: oh yeah? My people think I'm dead
    ??: amateurs
    Z&V: what was that punk?
    Khaenri'ah: amateurs (doesn't event have a god and doesn't exist)

  19. …Never thought I'd see the day a tier list shitpost of mine made it into a YouTube video, but here we are.
    Bold of you to edit out my name though.

  20. if we are going to travel from inuzuma to sumeru, that means its going to be trip from japan to egypt so this is JOJO REFERENCE

  21. Her:I bet shes thinking about other women
    Her: I'm thinking about other women…. Step on me jean

  22. So a trip from Inazuma to Sumeru is
    INDEED A JOJO Refrence !

  23. 0:20
    Fireflies: Oooo its gonna get spicy here~ lets watch

  24. "The archons getting ready to war be like"
    venti is really pretty there

  25. 2:26 Me building Albedo for his isotoma

    I mean he can hurt, but not the way I intended

  26. Everyone: I'm wishing for ayaka and yoymiya
    Me: being a simp and waiting for venti -_-

  27. Please send me the link to the thumbnail. Please i cant find it

  28. ok but for the toilet one, xiangling and mona both wear freaking LEOTARDS

  29. I kin xingqiu and albedo smh
    and after reading that comic i-

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