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Welcome to another episode of Genshin Impact Memes!
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  1. #GIM
    Lumine : Kills a hilichurl
    Eula : Mark my words, vengeance will be mine!
    Lumine : Wtf?
    Eula : Sorry, force of habit

  2. U̴i̸K̸e̵n̵t̴T̴h̷e̸K̴r̵e̶w̵F̷a̸m̸ says:

    Me 20 years later when mihoyo finally gives us the kfc glider:
    Finally, some good fucking glider


  3. Narukii-chan (*teleports in your closet*) says:

    Her: he’s probably thinking about other girls

    Him: if the fish claymore gets released, and I give that claymore to Xinyan or Diluc, and I use elemental skill with one of them, does the fish claymore can be cooked?

  4. #GIM

    Twitter: The TT is #/InazumaDay
    GI fans: Yeah, Inazuma region again on TT
    Inazuma Eleven fans: JAJAJAJA SIKE

  5. #GIM

    Hu Tao: *thinking about Keqing's spikey bun hair style
    also Hu Tao: *Thinking cat ears or devil horns are hiding inside in her hair
    Xiangling: *Takes away the spikey buns and puts the seeds
    Zhongli: *Eating 'bamboo shoots' while Hu Tao is staring at him

  6. #GIM
    A rare golden Raiden shogun have appeared choose ur bal- Rituals to obtain it

    1. Sacrifice Kazooha Bazooka
    2. Place stone in the statue
    3. Go to venti statue and do thing

  7. #GIM
    Some claymore characters using Fish Claymore in next update be like:

    Diluc after his burst = Grilled Fish making Klee hungry
    Eula using skill = has bought Frozen Fish in the market
    Beidou using her skill to counter= slaps enemies with electric fish

  8. #GIM
    Inazuma: Civil War goes BRRRRR

    Liyue: Festival N O M N O M

  9. #GIM
    You get a 100% Explaration in one of the three islands.
    Then you farm for handguards.
    Suddenly you found a chest or two nearby

    You: 👁👄👁…

  10. #GIM
    Me: * getting 5 star *
    genshin: congratulation, you got yoimiya

    1 week later
    * yoimiya main *

  11. My Barbara visits the teapot when she wants so she can get away from Albert. Otherwise, Mona lives there rent free and Klee often vacations there since I set aside some mountains for her to blow up. Jean rarely visits (because I don't have her), because it is her vacation from Klee. I'm currently offering to let Bennett make a retirement village for the senior members of the guild. Tartalglia and Xingqiu are currently working on building a combat arena. I have a stage for concerts, so Barbara occasionally stops by there to do rehearsals when not hanging out in the park but Xinyan and Yoimiya are working on a collab right now and have it reserved. Meanwhile, Razor is kind of just camping out in my serenitea garden, not entirely sure how he got there but enjoying the soft grass to lie down on.

  12. #GIM

    Kokomi:i can cook
    Baal:i can crit
    Xinyan:i can do both yet im still forgotten

  13. #GIM
    Her: He’s probably thinking about other women
    Him: if baal wants to steal visions and rule for eternity, why did she gift visions?

  14. Teacher: What is another term for Water?
    Me: H20
    Teacher: Okay…then why did you say Hydro?

  15. Players that bring Bennett to the Thundersoother artifact domain are sadists, and can politely shut up when I avoid their circles.

  16. #GIM
    *Baal is about to be released*
    Me: I can't wait for a video where baal fight baal

  17. #GIM
    Hu tao with low health
    Hu tao: this isn't good!
    Mains Hu tao: this is good!

  18. #GIM
    Me : saying guoba doesn't have brain….😏
    Guoba stands up and looks at you

  19. 4:40 i love it how the artist put a cat face instead of keqing crying cuz thats gonna be hella sad

  20. Unpopular opinion: I actually like the escort balloon mission.

  21. 5:16 POGGERS my meme made it finally in one of your videos! WidePeepoHappy

  22. #GIM
    Electro oceanid release
    my lvl 90 klee: oh look another bug for me to squash, hahahaha (laugh's maniacally).

  23. 1:52 This is actually possible, if there are dendro samachurls nearby. just lure them there, make them use the dendro field thingy

  24. they should make the traveler versatile in the weapon they can wield too..

  25. #GIM
    Signora who got 2 of the 7 visions and coming for 3: You took everything from me
    Scaramouche after 2.1 trailer: I don't even know who you are

  26. #GIM
    *Ganyu, Ningguang, Lisa etc*
    "Im will never be a simp."
    *Baal releases*
    "At your service my queen."

  27. "people who lewd sayu, klee, qiqi, diona"
    but sayu is an adult?? 🤨🤨 i fear for you "fiction = reality" people when you encounter a little person in real life if this is what you act like when you encounter them in fiction

  28. #GIM * people being mad about the anniversary rewards * also them:* OMG TEN WISHES WOW * also other them:OMG 2270 PRIMOGEMS TO????

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