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Welcome to another episode of Genshin Impact Memes!
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  1. 6:21 THATS TRUEEE, they say "c0 f2p friendly of the new character showcase" but then they use them with c6 5 star characters

  2. Mind crediting the people who made these meme

  3. #GIM
    Money: |||
    Status: ||||||||||
    Getting all 24 rewards in expeditions: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

  4. #GIM
    Before 2.1: everyone fights Childe every week
    During 2.1: everyone forgets about Childe but still fights him when reminded
    2.2 and after: “lol whose Childe?”

  5. #GIM
    My friend: "Every 5* is more relevant to the story than a 4*"
    Yanfei: is a fucking Adepti.
    Beidou: the one who takes us to a closed nation.
    Thoma: manages to make us stay in said closed nation.
    Sara: leader of the Shogun's Army
    And this: Ninnguang herself.

  6. I fear no man
    But that thing
    Looks at thumbnail


  7. After reaching friendship level 10 with Characters.

    Me: Well, I maxed out Ganyu, QiQi, and Klee……………..Sorry everyone, they're just to useful to swap out. But don't worry, That's what the Teapot home is for!

  8. #GIM
    Yae: Ei why are you crying?
    Ei: Its not yet released
    Yae: What released?
    Ei: My favorite manga, Komi-san. It has not yet adopted to anime yet
    Yae: Well you can just wait

    After an Eternity years later*

    Komi-san Can't Communicate is getting an anime adaptation

    Ei: Happy Archon Noises*
    Yae: Congr—
    Locks herself in the booba sword*

  9. Mihoyo should be careful, there are people out their willing to devote their time to mathematically calling out their Bullshit! XD

  10. #GIM

    Everyone: excited for Dain, Scaramouche, Signora, and all future archons.
    Meanwhile my friend: Cyno when?
    And then me: Lynney and Lynette supremacy

  11. Thundering manisetion: exists
    Oceanid: exists
    Me:they are the same


  12. Corrosion: Doesn't get featured in Abyss
    Zhongli: It's showtime


  13. Me: *trying to build a dps Zhongli
    Mihoyo: I mean, hp and Def, take or leave it
    Me: *annoyed and decide to build shield Zhongli
    Mihoyo: so you want crit


  14. this is just the neg tectone episode…
    he had it coming for that f2p video

  15. The real reason for the vision hunt decree is…
    Ei is selling them for money

  16. #GIM
    Her: hes probably thinking about girls
    Him: if the people who got the welkin moon has 108x more reward than the people got 100000 mora. Then the welkin moon people has 0x more rewards than the people that didnt participate

  17. MIHOYO: Allow is to introduce new enemy types that use Corrosion.
    ZHONGLI: Oh no…
    ME, who has not yet cleared Spiral Abyss: So anyway, allow me to introduce the new Geo Archon, Noelle.
    NOELLE: Leave it to me, whatever it is!

  18. if your heart is pure, believe in unicorns, and anniversary rewards, and you love Barbara, then please don't google her healing number 😄

  19. #GIM

    Diluc: this is where I watched my father die Kaeya.

    Kaeya: cowabummer

  20. You know that you can still block the damage of the 2.2 enemies right? The corrosion is the only damage you can't block.

  21. #GIM
    after signing up for the event only to get 100k mora
    Me: I set my expectations low but holy f*ck

  22. When you see another school on a field trip:
    insert kojou Sara staring angrily image


  23. #GIM

    Mihoyo : So you bragging about playable delusion childe? Here raiden shogun and you got delusion Childe. Lol. Probably.

  24. #GIM

    Traveler enters Plane of Euthymia
    Ei: Indulge my curiosity. What is the reason that I find you standing here before me once again?
    Traveler: We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty.

  25. #GIM
    Everyone: says wish system is very unsatisfactory
    MiHoYo: makes pity 100

  26. Me hearing a character's chest voice lines: wow, so cool

    Me hearing it for the 100th time: God dammit, just stop please


  27. 1:56 the person who made that meme and had the patience to not use those traps until this day, ( Respect 100+ )

  28. No one :
    The Traveller : Tremble, for I am the food Archon. Now, if your will is true, this Paimon may grant you a mora Vision.


  29. You see barbara hwal our soul as well as our HP 😂

  30. #GIM

    People who mastered timeframe and dodging: laughing at people who relies on zhongli shield

    Me who uses DIOna in all of my team:

  31. #Gim
    Me (who is a Kokomi Lover ) : I am going to spend 40 pulls to get her and all my anniversary rewards.

  32. #GIM
    Me:INAZUMA XINYAN IS THAT U ??????????!1!1!1!1!

  33. Genshin tips:
    The Age of consent is 18 years old.

  34. #GIM
    When people only have Baal for her Skill
    Baal:My job here is done

  35. Anniversary event looks the same as I remember, but where are those who got the blessing of the Welkin Moon?

  36. #GIM

    My mom: why are you so scared?

    Me, after seeing people doing 1 million dmg with barbara: ……………

  37. #GIM
    Find the difference between these sentences.

    Zhongli: This is order.

    Mona: This is destiny.

    Me: they are the same sentence

  38. I like this channel, almost every video creates one resin

  39. Lol and I thought that card was a reward for all
    Happy new player noises

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