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Welcome to another episode of Genshin Impact Memes!
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  1. In that last tartaglia meme jus imagine him speaking like roman "cousin, let's go bowling"

  2. #GIM

    every geo character: looks up

    MIHoYo: hello geo characters, this is Arataki Itto, he will be a geo character.

    Arataki Itto: hello

    Meanwhile me: oh damn ok Arataki is officially the new geo daddy go away zhongli…


  3. 4 eggs are left since you ate the ones you cook

    It also depends if you cook the ones you broke or not

  4. Judging by the thumbnail, Aether's friend really isn't a friend now is he. I think you all know what I mean.
    Boyfr-, no i must be mistaken.😏

  5. Btw the answer to the 6 eggs riddle is 4 eggs left 🙂👍

  6. Nobody:

    Arataki itto art: releases

    r34 artists: Now this looks like a job for me

  7. literally the beginning of this video:

    "Someone please get a doctor! We got Shoujo Manga Brain…"

  8. #GIM

    Mihoyo: releases a new 5 star character that's shirtless
    Fanartists: cue speedrun music

  9. #GIM

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    MiHoYo: “Hippity hoppity, the KFC gliders ain’t yo property”

  10. #GIM
    Brain: Are you sleeping?
    Me:Yes, now shut up.
    Brain: If we get Gorou, then will we have a geo resisvine?
    Me: O-O

  11. #GIM
    There are 3 rules
    -no wishing for death
    -no make dead people alive
    -and no wishing for love

    'i wish that genshin impact gives us a better aniversary reward'

    There are 4 rules

  12. 6:03 but then realized 2.2 is comming out

  13. #GIM

    Everyone – Give us a free 5 star

    Mihoyo – *Gives us 20 pulls*

    Me – *Gets 2 Kokomi*

    Also me – I see this as an absolute win

  14. you already look like you want me dead your getting worked up over nothing ha you changed YOUR GETTING WEAK

  15. #Gim

    My Brain:hey u going to sleep
    Me: yes now shut up
    My brain: if Thoma have same Skil like xinyan is xinyan is liuye Thoma
    Me: °-°

  16. 6:34 even better:
    mihoyo: childe rerun #3 coming first
    hu tao simps: nO hu tao rerun first
    albedo, ganyu, xiao: forever on waitlist
    keqing: non-existant, frogotten completly

  17. JOKES ON YOU MY POTATO IPAD WONT LET ME IN THE CRIMSON DOMAIN! so I'm going with simenawa instead ^^

  18. Itto: revealed
    Female side of the genshin community: internal screaming


  19. 4:50 I think the added the chest lines for the event instead of the event for the voice lines

  20. #GIM
    Community: Brooo look at Itto, he looks so cool
    Me: Guys what about the anniversary
    Community: … Brooo look at Itto, he looks so cool

  21. #GIM
    Me pulling for Rosaria on kokomi banner

    Got kokomi instead of Rosaria
    Me: Suffering from success
    (I wanted Rosaria from Childe banner but didn't got her until today 😭)

  22. #GIM
    Xiangling:"help my dinner is attacking me"

    Me who is fighting raiden shogun: wtf

  23. #GIM

    Childe: Hey Ayaka! My rerun is coming again for the 3rd time! Can i copy your 4 stars?
    Ayaka: Sure, But make them look different.
    Also Childe:
    has the same 4 stars in the same order

  24. #GIM

    Everyone:- happy about the 2.2 update happy noises
    Me:- finally the sacred sakura tree level has been increased happy noises

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