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Welcome to another episode of Genshin Impact Memes!
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  1. #GIM

    Me: How many Albedos can there bee
    Mihoyo: YES
    My brain: Don't say it… Don't say it….

  2. Agent4 7 0 9 7 A.K.A. “Ganyu simp” says:


    Do you have money?
    ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
    No Yes Not for Itto
    ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ You have a job? Buy itto ⬅️Blasphemy
    ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬆️
    No Yes Yes
    ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬆️
    Possessions? Do they pay you?
    ⬇️ ⬇️ ↖️No
    No Yes
    ⬇️ ⬇️
    A soul? Sell them/it➡️Buy Itto
    ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬆️ ⬆️
    No Yes➡️⤴️ ⬆️
    ⬇️ ⬆️

  3. #GIM
    You use Eula as a physical/burst dps…

    I use Eula as a cryo dps
    We are not the same

  4. #GIM
    smerrey: shows pic of ei describe her in one word

    me, an intelectual (not really): geppetto

  5. #GIM
    Traveler got attacked by Albedo: PANIK
    That Albedo was a whopperflower imposter: KALM
    There is another imposter: PANIK

  6. 0:30 btw that emoji is a tengu mask! and remember Kujou Sara is a tengu, so the emoji makes perfect sense

  7. You summoned Eula so she could build a snowman
    I pulled her because she sneezed, we are not the same

  8. I wonder how long the tradition of every video having a “her: I bet he’s thinking of other women. him:” featured comment will keep up..

  9. #GIM
    A:If Gorou is a hybrid of human and dog, does his peepee look the same as dogs or humans?
    B:Who the fu*k starts a conversation like that? I just sat down!

  10. I bet "The Creator", or the god of Traveler is a girl. :/

  11. me with no Bennett nor sucrose, lost the only 50/50 I needed to go through and have 2 5* weapons I dont use because my main DPS uses a spear and they are Wolf's grave stone and harp bow thing(ar 51)
    my ar 52 friend who won the 50/50 2 times (one time while being on mf 6 pity on Kokomi's banner btw), has no 5* weapons cos always gets characters.

  12. #GIM I gotta say this for all meta slaves we didn’t choose
    to ba meta slaves this fking game just didn’t letting me win single
    50/50 since start of game it is the reason why i became a meta slave….

    so don’t bully meta slaves.

  13. 1 thing that could make genshin so much better is if we could meet vision holders in teyvat and they would give us mini quest

  14. 7:09 I mean I’m a guy and I just bought an ayaya cosplay and stuff soooo I mean I’m gonna get called gay but I already do so

  15. #GIM
    kokomi : aether is mine

    other girls : no he is mine

    archons : no he is mine

    aether : i am going to my god that created me

    hevenly princepel : why did i seal the twins

  16. #GIM
    kokomi : aether is mine
    other girls : no he is mine

    archons : no he is mine

    aether : i am going to my god that created me

    hevenly princepel : why did i seal the twins

  17. #GIM
    Two Albedo exist
    Sucrose: "Oh by the Archons Sandwich me!"

  18. #GIM

    What pictures Mihoyo thinks we want in our Serenitea pot: Pictures from hangout

    What we really want: Painting of paimon as emergency food made by traveler

  19. 0:29 the red face emoji is of a tengu mask and guess what kujou sara is a tengu


  21. Xiang ling and amber: hahah we have the genshin mascots!
    Bennett: and I have a Bonk Cheem

  22. #GIM
    My sister: "When will he come to pick me up?"
    Me: "I wonder if I should go back to genshin…"

    Sad truth indeed

  23. Knights of Favonius: Incompetent national force, apart from few top elites.
    Noelle: Hypercompetent maid who wants to be a member.
    Mililleth: Incompetent national force, except when backed by Vision Holders.
    Keqing: Hypercompetent skeptic with cat ear-shaped hair.
    Shogunate Army: Incompetent national force, apart from Sara Kujou
    Sara: Hypercompetent, reasonable Tengu authority figure.

    ME: I'm beginning to see some patterns I'm not sure I like.

  24. #GIM
    Aether:gotta find my sister
    Sister:*leads the abyss order*
    Aether:Now gotta find girlfreinds huh

  25. #GIM
    You farm the husk domain to get artifacts for Albedo or Itto

    I farm the husk domain to not get def% stats on my artifacts

    We are not the same

  26. Man there are atleast 3 jojo reference in todays video

  27. Fun fact about the thumbnail: Russian people actually do use this method to strengthen their body and it works if you know when and at which temperature you should pour water on urself.

  28. The resin thing IS possible. The first time I used fragile resin, I put all of it (at least 10) and had about 1200 resin 🥲

  29. #gim :Shenhe is perfect
    50% hou Tao with pole arm
    50% ganyu with cryo
    100% perfect

  30. As someone who doesn't have a helluva lot time to play my main account has ~212 fragile resin last i checked. i keep getting it faster then i manage to use it .-. It doesn't help that i know the value of fragile resin and so i ALWAYS buy the one from Teapot and that's 60 resin to use up right there. Sometimes i have to just yeet my daily resin into bosses cause i'm too busy.

    My alt account…
    Which i made to pull for characters i miss on my main (So i can enjoy all the characters cause my broke ass is too poor to buy them.)
    Thats uh….
    Well only 52 Fragile resin cause i don't buy the battlepass or play it much.

  31. I was sent here for money. A bribe. They said it was bad. Horrid. Atrocious even. But upon my sight. What beheld thee? My eyes felt as balls of flames, ached, felt ready to roll out of the sockets. AND A KYLE RITTENHOUSE MEME!? WHY? LOOK HOW THEY MASSACRED MY BOY. My ears had met a fate worse than death. The sounds, nigh was there even a normal narrator. None of it made sense. The twenty dollars I had earned. Were they worth it?

    What I had found. Was not based at all.

  32. 0:30 yeah, that’s a Japanese Tengu mask

    It actually makes sense

  33. The thumbnail reminds me.. I LIVE IN F—KING CANADA

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