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Welcome to another episode of Genshin Impact Memes!
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  1. #GIM

    Pallad: is a hero to Joel for finding his Dad

    Community: Don't care. Perish

  2. #GIM

    If a juicer doesn't exist then how does Angel's Share make Wolfhook Juice?

  3. #GIM
    Pyro/electro male Catalist character be like:
    Behold the wizard… Beware his powers… Unspeakable powers!!!

  4. 3.39….. What? I’m ar53 What is that? Help?

  5. #GIM
    My imagination: Why don't we have a little boy character
    Genshin impact : "Loli till the end "

  6. Shadows ending: there may be alot more albedos then you think
    Me: "hello? Population control?…yes I'd like to make case."


  7. #GIM

    * Eula and Amber go and take an ice bath *

    Me, looking over at the R34 Artists: “Don’t you dare.”

  8. Reckless Pallad: Has moment of "redemption"
    Me: Has never had a problem with him even during the 1.2 event


  9. Weird qeustion but i have always wonderd why are the treasure hoarders bad ecxept for that they atack you i mean we basicly intruded this world and steal al the treasure

  10. #GIM
    How I imagine Baizhu to be like
    Someone insults him: well that isn't really nice
    Someone insults his friends/companion: somewhere in Sumeru I sense a strong level of dendro resonating in Liyue
    Someone insults Changsheng (the snake around his neck): listen here you little sh*t

  11. 4:24 yeah its because we barely even get anything that we complain when we see how small the amounts are

  12. I'm surprised how many people wanted to take an ice bath with Eula and Amber, I chose to paint with Albedo the first time lmao

  13. #GIM
    Her: he’s probably thinking about other women
    Him: if Pallad only found Joel’s father in the event does that mean that for players that didn’t play the event Joel’s father will never be found?

  14. 5:52
    me, who already uses amber: "im 4 parallel universes ahead of u"

  15. 3:30 i can't understand this. Is saying that particles generated with one element (example, for a cryo element Diona's shield) are useless to charge another element different of it (example, Hu Tao burst)?

  16. #GIM
    polearm characters during plunging attacks: I am in spain without the a

  17. #GIM

    Albedo No. 1🤝Mikoshi Chiyo (Shogun Raiden's Oni Dead Friend)

    Being swallowed by a monster, breaking free by cutting his stomach and coming out evil

  18. #GIM
    Reckless Pallad: Has a short moment of redemption by being the hero of Joel's father, rescuing him and…

    Me: This "person" is obviously not his father but another flower. His father is dead.

  19. Joels father looks sus to me. And i still hate pallad

  20. #GIM
    Traveler: I feel like I'm forgetting something."
    Paimon: well if you forgot then it's not important."
    Traveler: "Yeah, you're right."
    forgot to warn Timeaus and Sucrose about the fakebedo on the loose

  21. Traveller to Mihoyo: What is my purpose?

    Mihoyo: you’re only allowed to speak once during the end of the archon quest.

    Traveller: omg


  22. #GIM

    Mihoyo initiates Leaker Hunt Decree

    Raiden: Mihoyo, this is my decree!!!!

  23. #GIM
    wife: what’s wrong?
    me: what if bosses do get frozen, but they just spam the unfreeze button too fast for us to see?
    wife: oh sh*t


  25. #GIM
    Hu Tao: Wants to help the dead move on to afterlife
    Also Hu Tao: Has a revival food as specialty dish

  26. Her: Is there something wrong?
    Him: What if the nerfed hair albedo was actually another susbedo?
    Her: OMG!!


  27. #GIM
    ALBEDO : look we have an imposter among us……
    ME (among us player ) : Bring it on sussy baka 😎
    boss music starts playing

  28. #GIM

    When Reckless Palad has a moment of redemption

    Me: Perhaps I treated you too harshly

  29. Albedo sees beauty in naturalism

  30. #GIM

    the realaization that once there will be enough characters to we get bday presents every day

  31. #GIM

    Zhongli: Ei what happen here

    Ei: I was playing fruit ninja
    with a twist

    Venti: looks fine to me

  32. #GIM
    Zhongli : This is order!
    Raiden Shogun : This is eternity!
    Venti : This is some really good wine!

  33. What's the connection between zhong and tortillas?

  34. #GIM
    Everyone: *already complaining about Shenhe's abilities and stats*
    Me, who's always confused anyway: I just think she's neat 🥲

  35. #GIM

    Scaramouche: There's no way anyone can come up with a moment that is more confusing than "The sky is a lie"!

    Fake(?) Albedo: Hold my whopperflower.

  36. hu tao's funeral parlor would have been more popular if she sold pictures of herself.

  37. #GIM

    Me:never spend all resin
    My friend: are you spending all resign?
    Me: No?
    My frend: What The heck you think you actualy are?

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