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Welcome to Today’s episode of Genshin Impact Memes!

Here you will find today’s funniest Genshin Impact content that I Originally Edited and Carefully Voiced Over to Maximise your Enterteinment.
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  1. #GIM
    Her: I bet he’s thinking about other woman

    Him: Everyone says that Xinyan mains don’t have exist but has anyone seen an Aloy main??

  2. I don't understand why people are complaining about censoring certain characters outfits. Does it really affect the game /that/ much?

  3. please i want to ask you , are you profitable in your channel because i want to work like you im from a poor famliy and i want to hellp my mother please answer me

  4. #GIM

    Shenhe: (gets home)
    Cloud Retainer: Hi, Shenhe, how are you?
    Shenhe: I didn't kill anything
    Cloud Retainer: What kind of answer is that?

  5. That Eula in Chongyun outfit is quite cute

  6. Ningguang and others: protecting liyue away from the monster
    zhongli in his retirement: this is fine

  7. 3:38 did… Someone rly said that? She's littiraly a eula as electro sub dps 💀


  9. Diona's, Thoma's and Noelle's shield: Can't you do something about your superiority complex?

    Zhongli's shield: But I am SUPERIOR


  10. EVERYONE ELSE: Curse you for ruining my pity, QiQi! &^%$!
    ME: QiQi, please come home. We miss you.
    Yes, I still don't have her. I lost the 50/50 and got Diluc instead.

  11. #GIM

    Me: i wonder why the quests for Enkanomiya aren’t voiced??

    Mihoyo: Try saying Byakuyakoku Jibashiri every other line

  12. #GIM
    Her: He must be thinking about other girls.
    Him: I just realized that "Tsuba" and "Sundered" spells out "Tsundere"

  13. Reckless Pallad: Pushes Sucrose due to his desperation to get to a high heat source.
    ME: But I still can't forgive him.
    Enjou: A high-powered Abyss agent, who tricks Traveler into unlocking the heart of Enkonomiya for him.

    ME: But he's super-polite and chill. If we can forgive Ajax, we can forgive him.

  14. #GIM
    Me: building kokomi

    My friend: I think it needs a bit more crit rate

  15. MIHOYO: In an upcoming patch, we will fix a bug where Diluc is supposed to wink while using his Elemental Burst.
    PLAYERS: Was that an issue?
    ME: I only got him recently. He was supposed to wink ? DILUC?!

  16. Kaeya: IM elsa!
    Ayaka: NO, I AM!!!
    ???: amateurs..
    Shenhe, in the archon quest cutscene: AMATEURS

  17. Genshin Community: Why can't I hate this new Abyss Lector?!
    Abyss Lector: You used all your hatred on Reckless Pallad, remember?
    Reckless Pallad: Why…?

  18. Technically, noelle is just the day version of batman

  19. Him: she's probably thinking about other men
    Her: if we knocked osial and osial's wife, will we see osial's children?


  20. White lights on right? I can’t see with it on

  21. #GIM

    Dragonspine lighting ceremony in the alps: I sleep
    Windtrace rerun: real shit?

  22. #GIM
    Cloud retainer on her death bed
    Also her: Traveler… my final words… listen well young one…
    …does one… want to hear Ganyu and Shenhes baby stories…?

  23. #GIM
    Thoma says in his birthday mail that he want to see us
    Me:Marry me pleasee!

  24. Cloud retainer on her death bed: Have you heard the tale of Ganyu the plump

  25. #GIM
    Fighting childe for the 999th times
    Childe: all you do was running

    Meanwhile me who facetanking him with zhongli

  26. #GIM
    Ningguang: doesn't drop jade chamber during archon quest

    Ningguang: maybe next time

  27. CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    Her: I bet he’s thinking about other woman

    Him: Everyone says that Xinyan mains don’t have exist but has anyone seen an Aloy main??

  28. Can anyone explain the cover meme of this video?

  29. Day 468, still waiting for my Qiqi (been playing since launch)

  30. #GIM

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    That one MiHoYo employee: “what if we made an abyss enemy who has a likable personality?”

  31. #GIM
    POV the china's president for games/animes = "no big breast , no alot skin revealing"
    Mihoyo = Im gonna put that into my game and then rework it <3

  32. Cloud Retainer: Shenhe is at that special age where every girl has one thing on their mind
    Traveler: Boys?
    Shenhe: Homicide


  33. Her : hes probably thinking about other women
    Him : diluc x kaeya ganyu x ningguang keqing x beidou aether x raiden


  34. talking about qiqi, got her c3 in the standard this weeknd, got her 2 times in there and lost 50/50 to her 2 times, pain…

  35. Honestly tho.. That Ying'er lady has more personality than some of the playable characters-

  36. 6:17 You're not thinking what I'm thinking, right?!

  37. Me when i get qiqi:welcome to the rice farm

  38. 2:18 Well I'm drawing Hu Tao 5 times on that, have not played for that long to have that many characters.

  39. Still waitinf for that qiqi that everyone hates. I got mona and jean 2 times , i have also have 1 diluc. I see a pattern… 😱😱😱😰

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