Genshin Impact - Official Xiao Doombane Gameplay Trailer -

Genshin Impact – Official Xiao Doombane Gameplay Trailer

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Watch the latest trailer for Genshin Impact to get a look at the character, Xiao, in action.

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  1. Tbh when Xiao says disperse you can tell that he is voiced by a girl.

  2. He has the same birthday as me

    That was random sorry

  3. here after 3 months

    can someone help me with the build plz

  4. ngl all genshin impact characters look like they would be in smash bros

  5. The moment xiao ults enemies become reborn christians because they gotta find peace in the afterlife

  6. I'll get you soon Baby, just wait it. By the way this video is already save in my youtube.

  7. Who else came here from the trailer where the person put chug jug with you music

  8. My wallet is gonna have some depression 😨

  9. He's my favorite 5 star
    Please come home TwT

  10. music sounds very similar to the music they played in the demon slayer infinity train movie

  11. It'll be a thousand times more epic if you play Lil Nas X's ''Montero'' over this.

  12. мой мальчик

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