Genshin Impact - Official Zhongli Gameplay Trailer -

Genshin Impact – Official Zhongli Gameplay Trailer

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Take a look at this trailer for Genshin Impact and get a look at Zhongli and the character’s combat abilities in action.



  1. zhongli got rid of the dinosaurs to have order

  2. For some reason, the guy talking sounds just like me.

  3. To this day we still dont know what zhonglis last words were😂

  4. Who’s coming back here after the Ayaka Trailer?


  6. zhong li listening to his own stories, tells by other people

  7. Remember guys Ayaka Blade is temporary, but Zhongli Shield is eternal

  8. Maintaining tradition and coming back to this with every new character demo. <3 still my favorite.

  9. came back here after thee character demo and its still the best

  10. "imagine saving for zhongli XD"

    me who is saving primogems but cannot: breathes

  11. Marriage Contract: the final contract with this ultimate husbando is now set in stone. 😂😂😂

  12. His english voice is just too hot that "The unforged" forge itself

  13. almost forgot to watch this today

  14. Here after Yoimiya trailer
    And so, the tradition continues

  15. the ost is literally a masterpiece, I've watched it already billion times ahhh

  16. The man that voiced him Walter Silverstein

  17. Everyone who’s in love with his voice, he’s the voice actor of hawkmoth from miraculous ladybug

  18. For me this is the best character trailer. The visuals they put into this are great!

  19. Zhong li have nothing to do so he go listen to storys about himself

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