Genshin Impact: Overstuffed with Cool Content -
The Beginning of a Long Journey

Genshin Impact: Overstuffed with Cool Content

Released in 2020, Genshin Impact game attracted a lot of fans. The magical art style, picturesque landscapes, and open world. It certainly was inspired by the project The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But this action-adventure with RPG elements is in no way a raw copycat.

The Beginning of a Long Journey


The main character arrives in the fantasy world called Teyvat with his twin. Immediately attacked by an evil magician or goddess, one of them was captured and hidden. Take on his role and find the lost sibling.

Genshin Impact Game Online and Free

Genshin Impact Game Online and Free

The world itself is a real jewel here. Each corner is filled with items to find, chests to open, and riddles to investigate. The adventure allows you to roam the lands, crafting items and fighting enemies. With 23 playable characters in total, one can form a group of up to 4. Each is equipped with a unique combat style, elemental affinities, and abilities. They offer new ways to interact with the environment. Strategically switching between them unleashes some serious effects when brawling. Tackle a broader sort of enemy type and gain more battle experience.

The developers implemented a free-to-play system. It means that anyone can enjoy it without spending a dime. But it also has the elements of a loot boxes model. It gives you randomized items for in-game or real money. Spending provides a quick power boost and helps you advance through the game faster. At the same time, there is nothing you can’t get for free. With enough luck and persistence.

You can also play online with your friends. Enjoy adventures together in a co-op mode.

Jump in for Exciting Experience

Convoluted terms and spells contribute to creating a special magical atmosphere. Genshin Impact game online hooks from the first moment. With a variety of enemies, quests, and multistep puzzles. All that makes it a blast to play even after more than 100 hours. The RPG is available on iOS, Android, PS 4/5, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch.

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