Genshin Impact Players / Creators FURIOUS About new Event: -

Genshin Impact Players / Creators FURIOUS About new Event:

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The new Genshin Impact Twitch event has everyone tilted! The repurposed the KFC wings, they tried to lock streamers into terrible contracts, and they are making you pay for these cosmetic wings!


  1. they could have did this better and just had twitch drops for it and have streamers just stream the game for a set time and they can go longer if they want and people get drops cuz doing drops gets you more views and more subs

  2. I wish Mihoyo would listen more to the community and be more generous I mean there other games gives you more to exclusive stuff but then Genshin… is mixed. 😰 just like he said
    "We support the game, but you don't support us." feels but yeah it is what it is… just adding more fuel from the Anniversary Disaster. 😓 lol

  3. With this event. It fully shows of Mihoyo being selfish. And will never ever ever listen to the community. While there is other Gacha games that listen and improve rapidly. FGO even though the rate is bad. The game has so much content and upgrades old characters to make them usable. They don’t earn as much as Mihoyo. But they improve animations and all other stuff to improve. They are listening to the community better than Genshin. This may be why I may leave Genshin for some time. To take a mental break. Watch that I leave that the game finally opens ears. Like I’m a big sacrifice. Just like Dragon Ball Legends. Once I leave they improved massively. I wanna focus on a game I love to play and feel like I’m at home. “Halo Infinite”

    Mtashed, please try “Halo Infinite” is for free the multiplayer. Is a lot of fun.

  4. Looks like they're planning to invite new players who's not gonna complain about the lacking content, yet. lmao

  5. I don't even feel bad anymore that people bombed their reviews

  6. Playing only genshin on stream for 2 weeks straight sounds like complete and utter torture. There is literally nothing to do unless you spend resin

  7. It's mihoyo man! What do you expect from this greedy company 🤬

  8. Don't worry this will all blow over once they release the new banners.

  9. All the streamer and gamer should quit the game and show them the power of streamers and gamers.

  10. mihoyo kinda give me a reason to go back to league of legends, because riot is just better (but far from perfect) with treating their community.

  11. Can't they just sell the glider for $10?? I have no Twitch account. I don't wanna make a Twitch account and accidentally see a bunch of girls streaming in a tub.

  12. they really need to fire the whole marketing team. All they did is only creating a backlash.

  13. First the Fan Artists, and now the Streamers.

    MiHoYo is really taking a page out of Elon Musk's book on how they treats their workers despite being literal billionaires

  14. Mihoyo: stream our game!

    Most of the Community: there is no content to stream

    Mihoyo: …and you're stuck with Genshin alone for 2 weeks with no sponsors, also we don't pay you

    Most streamers: why would I? Just… no.

    Mihoyo: you will get the KFC glider (or an identical one)


    Mihoyo: please…
    Most of the Community: NO!

  15. kinda risky on streamer pov since its just Twitch so only 1 platform I guess I might be wrong, and not all Players have twitch account or bother checking twitch xD

  16. It's quite dissapionting because I liked this wings but now I am just sad by looking at them…

  17. It's like they planned out all these events like months before and they're just throwing them to the community now. Like they don't even egnowledge everything that happend about the anniversary and just ignore what people say.

  18. I understand a healthy and active fan base is good for the game…but I also find it so weird how Mihoyo insists on trying to get free publicity through almost all of their “community events”, like I never repost anything and I never do the web events, it’s just kinda pathetic.

  19. Gotta grab a popcorn! another community rage 😆

  20. the game is great, but why mihoyo people are so clown

  21. another day another gensin drama, man this drama is as hot as mercedes-redbull love story

  22. Honestly mihoyo has always been stingy af with the rewards for anything so its not surprising that they're tone death with the community.

  23. This is dumd u dont want this wings anyway too much drama surrounding these wings i dont even use the "anniversary" ones i want ganuu and yae miko since the theory is that they are on same damage level

  24. I feel like they should just do Twitch drops like Sea of Thieves does it. To have people pay for streamers they don't care about and being lazy to reuse gliders. I feel like this was a bad move.

  25. I'd rather spend money on KFC to get the KFC wing.
    Their chicken is very delicious 😂

    Not by throwing my money on some random streamer that i don't even know/watch.

  26. They totally should have made the glider a different version… maybe something like “watch any of these streamers for 2 hours and get the complimentary glider we promised many moons ago! On top of that, get these different color renditions if you gift x amount of subs”

  27. Thank you for talking about this and putting it out there how gross mihoyo is with their business practices

  28. Give 10 dollars for glider or 5 for welkn moon HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  29. Mihoyo is doing A LOT of things badly with Genshin, but there is one thing they are really good at

    …upsetting the players and ignoring the community

  30. Okay we gota stop calling these fkign shitposts events THESE ARENT FKING EVENTS!!!

  31. i hope blue protocol buries this game as deep as it gets,everytime we get stuff like this,disgusting,predatory,cringe

  32. The hell???? Mihoyo is limiting what the streamers play? How nuts are they? They must have decided that new content is actually just controversies. Disgusting

  33. Ah yes, the classic "We'll pay you in exposition" shtick…

  34. lmao sm1 needs to purchase genshin from mihoyo n fire the guys responsible for the financial decisions

  35. Honestly times like this I wish I had the ability to make a game like this I would so be doing a ton more for the community. I would still do giveaways like that but it would be mostly for like designing the next boss or even the next 5 star character and if it gets picked that person would get that character as a C6 with 50 wishes and for bosses give people a pick of maybe 2 of the 5 star characters. I don't know I would be doing so much more for the people if I was them honestly if you do things like that you get some wonderful ideas for the next monsters and characters but also I would also give everyone atleast 10 wishes for even doing something just the winners would get more and also just because you aint a winner the first time dont mean it couldn't be picked next time make it fun for people keep people interested and do things that make the Community speak up and take part. This is what any game should do and honestly for anniversary I so would give out 100 wishes and a special banner of the highlight 5 stars from the last year it might be rough to get the 5 star you would want by it would give people a chance to C1 or even obtain them or if they wanted to trade in there wishes maybe 20 of them for a ticket to allow you to pick the character that way your for sure will get 5 of them but if you roll you could get more. The banner would be a high rate allowing 1 5 star every 20 so its a game of chance or the will of the player… damn I talked to much again sorry when I get ideas I just kinda run my mouth and new ideas come in making them even more crazy then the last if I don't stop myself I would make a novel on here of ideas maybe even start doing a story for a game 😅 I can't help it ive always wanted to design and program games I have so many ideas trapped in my head. Lol 😋

  36. mihoyo is a chinese company this is normal practice. they will shit on their fanbase as much as possible and rack that doe :3

  37. This broke the camel's back. More time to try out Blue Protocol and Tower of Fantasy. Thanks Tashed my guy

  38. I already had raid before but re-downloaded it through your link am I still able to support you by doing that?

  39. Second image is clearly venti but that the heck is the first one?

  40. Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days!
    I actually GRIND this game, and if you want to try it for free, click that link and help out the tash man 🙂

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