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Hello guys o/ and sorry for the delay, here you have Genshin Impact Sayu.exe
I hope you like it 🙂

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►Build: 2 Gladiator Set, 2 shimenawa reminiscence Attack% Anemo% Crit Rate.


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  1. I dislike ayaka to the heavens but your videos make me like her (in your vids xD) wish she would be like this in game

  2. One of these days someone's going to go fight Childe and he'll just be on the ground dead or something.

  3. LoL Ayaka When? XD
    Thats was so funny jajaja
    Now i need level up my Sayu :v

  4. 4:20 –> "Talk to Ruu"

    Me, knowing the Thundering Fury Lore : 😔

  5. im watching on phone becpause i have no pc or computrr

  6. Each time I see a video form this wonderful individual I can't help but feel a tiny portion of happiness in this Lowey world so thanks 🙏😊

  7. When you're playing as a cute loli ninja, but you can't assassinate your enemies…:/ Also, BALL is LIFE. XD
    Song for the Sonic Hedgehog is Doug Robb Fist Bump and Lights, Camera, Action! From Sonic Mania. You're welcome. XD

  8. I just noticed you have done ayaka yet or is it just me?

  9. I love your videos!! Seriously, they are so damn good 🥰👌👌👏👏👏

  10. I was so happy it was 5 minutes until I saw the sponser ;-;

  11. Now its time for the legendary Childe.exe.

  12. Poor Childe. He is bullied like that all the time and still get no .exe

  13. Sonic forces: Fist Bump
    Execelnte como diría el señor burns

  14. the day that tartaglia can be at peace will be the same day that they unlock Celestia

  15. 4:01 I never knew the name of that song. Someone who can lend that info please?

  16. My preferred team with her is raiden and barbara, but support ganyu is also amazing

  17. Si mihoyo te patrocina, ese día me martillare los huevos en directo xd

  18. เจษฎาภรณ์ กลิ่นพิกุล says:

    Poor childe

  19. Ok but imagine if we get a skin for Sayu that actually makes her tall, I’m f2p and I’d spend money on that lmao

  20. Ganyu rolling too HAHAHHAHAHA

  21. Lol I knew she was gonna dream about being tall!

  22. Para cuándo un tartitas.exe buen video como siempre bro

  23. ayaka.exe has been long overdue just like timmie's father.

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