Genshin Impact - Scaramouche Reveals the Truth about Baal -

Genshin Impact – Scaramouche Reveals the Truth about Baal

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Genshin Impact (PC / PS4 Pro) – Scaramouche and Yea Reveal the Truth about Fatui Masterplan in Inazuma and Baal’s True Identity
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Gameplay Raw footage edited in a synthetic manner for information purposes. All Gameplay played, recorded & edited by me.
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  1. never expected he is a puppet created by electro archon

  2. Dunno what's funnier – Scaramouch just casually revealing how the Fatui were behind everything OR Traveler just casually standing in some clearly not healthy looking purple fog.


  4. Is it just me or does it kind of sound like chuuya 😀

  5. Traveler when they’re on the verge of death
    Yae Miko: allow me to introduce myself

  6. Knowing more about delusions makes me worried for collei when we meet her in sumeru. Just like delusions there is a thing called archon residue and may very well take the life force from someone. Ive read the manga and what they did to her was uncalled for. Then obviously kaeya psychologically tortured her and amber was there as a friend to help her escape and with the help of cyno to reach sumeru

  7. Ngl the voice actor did an amazing job, the first time I heard the way he growled when he said "embrace it" I was like goddamn

  8. The world owes Scaramouche Oscar award

  9. is it just me or the way he said "changed" in 0:41 sounded like beidou

  10. Whoever talked for scaramouche hit that part

  11. Can’t wait for the day I clap this guy’s cheeks on a weekly basis with my Raiden

    For Teppei!

  12. If Albedo isn’t the next rerun character my money is going towards Scaramouche.

  13. I have a personal theory that when another harbinger(most probably scaramouche) dies in natlan aether(because I picked him) will get the gnosis and he will give the gnosis to tsritsa in exchange oh her giving him knowlege of what happened 500 years an then aether will ally with tsaritsa for the downfall of celestia or abyss.


  15. Man he’s a good villain if lot of people hate him.

  16. Scaramouche English VA >>>>> Japanese VA. The Japanese VA is so flat. No antagonist tone whatsoever 😔

  17. Guys.

    When i saw this scene.

    The first thing i thought was.

    Where the fuck was his nose :SOB: SOB:" :OSB:

  18. i dont play genshin (i wanna) yet im here

    xxx live u Scaramouche and raiden (yes i call her raiden)

  19. how tf is he stronger than signora while being short? signora turns into a 10 foot tall kinky whip monster while this dude is probably just gonna get an even more crazy hat or smth

  20. I just realised scara’s eng VA is in a rock band LMFAO

  21. daaamn…Scaradouche does look like the Raiden Shogun

  22. When he said "Pfft, you've changed… you're getting weak" I felt that 😔

  23. I really hope Scaramouche will be playable sometime soon. Been simping for him since the Meteorite event 💜

  24. Scaramouche and Raiden: Time to die.
    Yae Miko: Repeat after me. 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, ahhh.

  25. So yae give the gnosis to scaramouche bc she can't fight him for his Strenght?

  26. (spoilers) so scaramouche was a discarded baal male prototype all along, according to yae miko, or did i get this wrong?

  27. Everyone: something about scaramouche
    Me: Wtf? They never had noses all this time?

  28. So paimon doesn’t get affected by fumes, and is able to enter the raiden shogun’s inner world, doesn’t have visions but no one else is like her in teyvat, her storyc is definitely going to be there somewhere along the line, she’s something bigger.

  29. I got two words for Scaramouche after everything that's happened.
    You're dead.

  30. I screamed when I got to this part of the quest. I've been waiting to see Scaramouche. I'm more invested in these cut scenes than anything else

  31. I came from the video of paimon saying “BREATHE BRO BREATHE”

  32. Mihoyo is trying to make scaramouche the most hated and I have found a way to do that.
    It is very simple.
    All they have to do is make him kill kaeya right in front of diluc right before diluc forgives kaeya, so than kaeya would never know diluc forgives him and that diluc will forever have the burden of that.
    Boom there you go, easy solution.
    Your welc- oh wait, what have I just said/done-

  33. I can't wait for mihoyo to tell me Dainslief used to float like paimon, and I can throw rocks at this balleder using Geo traveller just to prove yae was wrong and he was scared of me.

  34. I feel like some edgy tiktok boy is going to do this without a shirt, pretend you punch him in the face, have a fake nose bleed, and then say “you’re getting weak” and punch the phone. Then the tiktok will end yayayayayaya!

  35. did they change his voice line? he says “huh… didn’t have you down as being so weak” now

  36. موفق مجدى محمد سليمان عبدالله says:

    2:55 imagine if scaramouche said
    Oh you're approaching me instead of running away you're coming right to me

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