Genshin Impact Shikanoin Heizou: 30 Things You Might Not Know -

Genshin Impact Shikanoin Heizou: 30 Things You Might Not Know

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In this video, I present all the available lore for this self-proclaimed detective called Shikanoin Heizou from Tenryou commission which can be a future character. The thumbnail is a fanart and not a official image. I hope you enjoy the video 😀

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  1. Man this was quick,i didnt even pay attention to these details


  3. He seems like an interesting character, I can’t wait to see his model!

  4. Props to this channel for making Genshin’s story more interesting and digestible.

    Just trying to have fun with the story without the extra information can be a snore.

  5. he can be dendro sword cuz he is smart. for me at least. i don't want another polearm-

  6. If I were to make an educated guess of future banners I'd say Ayato would be a 5 star and this guy Shikanoin would be the 4 star attached to it.

  7. My Pinterest home page is always full of him, and I finally get to atleast know who he is 🙂

    Also am I the only one who thinks that he's like Ranpo from Bungou Stray Dogs :)?

  8. Im guessing that the relationship between Heizou and his brother is similar to that of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

  9. 30 things about a character that is not released yet? Well sounds like a good video

  10. If heizou doesn't have the personality on Dazai I will not pull for him

  11. I hope in his quest we do things unrelated to the investigation only for the outcome to solve the case

  12. I think he is dendro since it does not exist yet, or the fact that nobody has a clear idea of his job

  13. I hope I won’t change my mind about getting Ayato and Heizou anytime soon-

  14. Incidentally, Shikanoin Heizou shares his initials with Sherlock Holmes.

  15. Why do I got a feeling like Shinkanoin Heizou looks like Hu Tao's brother?

  16. His personality seems Anemo to me… Too carefree and up in the clouds, do whatever they want.
    It'd be great for male catalyst users. We have none.

  17. Resistforkazuharesistforkazuharesistforkazuharesistforka-


  18. he gives off dendro vibes for some reason lmao like his vision is dendro Or something lol

  19. Kinda reminds me of Hu Tao based off how he's referred to by others. Same Energy Tho..?

  20. heizou is an inazuman hu tao that's my head cannon

  21. I am currently debating with myself on which character to pull (to put it simply its ayato and/or heizou)

  22. In the name of contract, lend me mora, please? says:

    He has really got many similarities to Sherlock Holmes (Cucumberbatch version). Disliked by officials, by family and other people in the same field. Considered hard to get along with (Not really I think). Has own ways of solving problems.

    Imagine his introduction scene is beating up
    a corpse (TePpei!!). That'd be cool.

  23. If the NPC got different face, i believe reading the Lore will be more interesting.

  24. 30 things about Ayato Kamisato too?? perhaps ??

  25. Please be a 5 star please be a 5 star pls be a 5 star

  26. This character is like Mihoyo's way of paying respect to detective Conan. Loving it.

  27. If he's a polearm user, I'll add him to my collection 😂

  28. A detective scammers? Well, sign me up.

  29. I can't wait to see his Official design! ><

  30. I feel like he'd be great friends with Scaramouche

  31. Finally a male Electro, razor won't be alone no mo

  32. He is literally giving me huge Izaya vibes and I am definitely pulling for him

  33. It's actually pretty nice, throwing crumbs all over the open world and voicelines. Making sure people know they exist before releasing their appearance. Hopefully something like Eula or Yanfei will not happen again. Before 1.5, they had no bulletin board appearance, voicelines, or little hints that they even exist in the game. Then suddenly boom Eula is a KoF captain and Amber's best friend and Yanfei is an adepti legal expert in Liyue Harbor when Ganyu previously said that she feels alone as the only adepti in Liyue Harbor.

    Even for Shenhe who has no proof that she existed before 2.2 has now been added to other character's voicelines. With that at least we can know a little more about the character to build the hype.

    That being said, Heizou is one of the character I'm looking forward to. Can't wait for this aloof detective to join my team >< (also Yun Jin too, I'm excited to see Liyue's theatre kid and the person that Xingqiu's a big fan of~)

  34. what's the theory behind smart character might be catalyst ?

  35. So he's basically the Hu Tao of Inazuma? I'm in

  36. Reasons why i would pull him if/when is banner comes out

    1) he looks and acts like hutao
    -their designs look totally alike
    -they both are interesting characters
    -they act similar
    -Although we still haven't heard much about heizou's story, I think that both hu and heizou's stories may give us a special meaning like what hutao gave us.
    -would like to know more about both !!
    -I don't have much electro characters in my account since I usually don't have much primogems but i'd love to pull heizou

  37. His character design looks familliar with Hanako's

  38. I swear if he looks like toilet bound hanako kun, I will pull for him without a second thought

  39. This character would probably be in version 2.5 i think

  40. This character would probably be in version 2.5 i think

  41. I hope Heizou is coming in update 2.5 or 2.6 patch Genshin Impact in next year, 2022.

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