Genshin Impact: Top 20 Characters Used in Spiral Abyss 1.6 -

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Characters Used in Spiral Abyss 1.6

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Top characters chosen by players to be used in spiral abyss 1.6. The data is from 42K players. I hope you enjoy the video 😀

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+ more focused on floor 11 than overall.

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  1. Between Jean and Kazuha…who's a better support for Diluc? I have Diluc as my DPS for the second halves of floor 9 and I have both of them.(I have Venti as well but I keep him with Klee on the first half of the floor)

  2. all my support make it to top 20 but neither my main dps 😂

  3. fact every single archon are op made sure you got baal guys. lol. i love the feeling when each character show up their cool theme is playing in bg.

  4. I get the feeling baal goona be sup dps with Q as time stop which also boost dmg and deal big pp dmg after it end base on amount of dmg deal during duration With E as electro lightning skill which allow quick movement and deal a lot of dmg. Her passive could be boost dmg a bit while debuff enemy.

  5. Most of the character shown here, I use in spiral abyss EXCEPT my baby Xinyan lmao

  6. I want zhongli <3 3rd rerun when? 😭 it would probably never happen-

  7. Well, I don't think any character can take ZhongLi's place, Also there is no way mihoyo is gonna make a character who have better shield than ZhongLi, I can more or less likely can say he'll stay in top 10 even afterf teyvat gets fully released.

  8. Me who has Eula but not Fischl
    Man that sucks how about keqing?

  9. 1.5 = Venti
    1.6 = Zhongli
    1.7 or whatever = Baal

  10. Me with yanfei and sucrose aggro everything and physical xiangling barely alive at 11-3 ah yes

  11. This is great and all but never forget that Bwaap reached floor 12 using only the starter characters with only two characters per team. To make things even shocking is that he got all 3 stars in every chamber except for the abyss herald and lector and floor 12

  12. Ah what would I not give to get zhongli I wish I started playing the game bit sooner

  13. can we appreciate how the video starts with no intro

  14. The day beidou enters top 20, is the day i will whale in this game, until then f2p

  15. i am on floor 6-2 and i can't get past it FOR THE LIFE OF ME! (or maybe i'm just dumb. help)

  16. I dont use Bennett in spiral abyss and i can get at least 34 out of 36 stars

  17. zhongli first place mhhhhh pretty honest as position for the geo daddy u.u

  18. meh continual proof to me why I'll never pull for Zhong Li, too many people use him as it is, its boring following the crowd if everyone else is already doing it

  19. Damn the timing and editing I applaud you 👏👏

  20. The fact that my team is Hu tao xingqiu zhongli and venti makes it funny cuz now I realized it's not a bad team And three of them are the most used ones

  21. I'm really shocked that xianling is not higher…like i could think of at least 3 different comp that use her and that are among the most used in abyss for those that have totally cleared it

  22. somehow I wanted to either lose to jean or mona in kazuha banner since Im always "lucky"
    had C3 yanfei instead of noelle constellations
    Childe and klee in limited
    keqing in standard

  23. I like how Chonguyn is beating Tartaglia after his appearance

  24. Why is Xiangling 19? She's easy top 3, even the chineses says it. She's broken when invested, her spins can do up to 110k-350k with the correct team. Her Guoba is also a monster… Also completely wrong, she isn't used to regenerate energy, her purpose is to melt with her high elemental mastery and high damage, she also provides damage buff, pyro buff, pyro resonance and so much more.

  25. Despite me having every anemo character I still dont have sucrose, bruh

  26. "Mona is the second best hydro support character after Xingqiu"
    Well its not like there are some decent options left. Barbruh or Childe 🤷

  27. Lets see how the next archon compete with Venti and Zhongli. Mihoyo already set the bar that high, i hope they dont disappoint us.

  28. Bro bennett should be no.1 cuz we are talking about usage. Not all have venti, ganyu or zhongli but most of us have bennett.

  29. thank you lmfao i need to build a bunch of characters just for the abyss so this helps 😭😭

  30. Daddy Zhongli takes W again…why I am not surprised 😂😂

  31. Bruh this is amazing thanks. The Zhongli part is a masterpiece as expected

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