Genshin Impact - Xiangling finds out Guoba is Stove God -

Genshin Impact – Xiangling finds out Guoba is Stove God

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Genshin Impact (PC / PS4 Pro) – Xiangling finds out Guoba is the Stove God Anniversary Event Quest
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Gameplay Raw footage edited in a synthetic manner for information purposes. All Gameplay played, recorded & edited by me.
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  1. Guoba should be inspired by the movie ted, but guoba is more cool and more exciting.

  2. Just like Ei being cute, the fandom is right that Gouba is a god.

  3. Man….Celestia's gods are weird. But then all 72 of them are dead save for some who survived.

  4. Smiley Yanxiao x Xiangling indeed. Also fck gouba why you're so cute

  5. looking at that huge Qilin, whoever got to her in her human form is the real MVP, Ganyu's dad is the real gangsta

  6. When people realise the one beside Xiao, is gonna be a Hydro spear user

  7. Sometimes I feel like paimon is also having same story coz she also don't know her past paimon is also a adaptues

  8. I'm gonna main Xiangling for a month after this now

  9. Spoilers in the title. Great. You do realize that the quest hasn't been released for those of us in NA right?

  10. Best God, sacrificing his power for his people's joy.

  11. Has anyone else noticed that the symbol behind Guoba is actually the combination of the Pyro and Geo elements? The perfect representation of a "stove" — fire atop the stones.

  12. As national team user, im happy to have been utilising xiangling! :3

  13. Aww…. And also what is wrong with your UID-?

  14. 3:58 is that Xinyan beside Xiangling or nah? If not, then… miHoYo why

  15. Guoba sacrificed himself to make sure Liyue didn't starve during perilous times…

    Excuse me while i cry

  16. I'm laughing the whole time really. The Shock in Guoba's face ! xD

    God of Stove, literally use to burn the stove and cook.

    3:45 & 4:20 new character

  17. This is the biggest Genshin plot twist ever.

  18. Awwww…how sweet ;v;
    He sacrificed his life for the people of Liyue to not starve. What a sweet bear~

  19. 3:58 xingyan finnally got some screen time

    edit:i know we meat her with beidou later before that

  20. I saw 2 unknown character in guoba cutscene, who is that?? 3:45 and 4:20 behind Keqing

  21. วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์ says:

    Guoba = Jesus who gave Fishs & Breads to the peoples on Travel in The Bible.

  22. someone tell me who that girl is at 3:45. I have not played this story quest yet. does she play a role in it?

  23. The part where Guoba had given all his power for the good of Liyue made me cry, honestly… but then when Madam Ping continued "…and his wit greatly reduced…" reminded me of when Guoba couldn't light up a torch in Dragonspine made me laugh hysterically… Time to build Guoba and best girl, Xiangling!

  24. are you telling me my support was summoning a fking god.

  25. Is this why Xiangling is so OP? She has an (ex)-Archon partner and was trained by an adepti?

  26. so all this time guoba was just an old panda with amnesia and xiangling became his retirement caretaker

  27. So this means I've been using a god all this time and roast him for burning the grass instead of the enemy.

    "Perhaps I treated you too harshly"

  28. Venti = Barbatos
    Makoto = Bael
    Guoba = Marchosias


  29. Just realized thats the rumored Female Geo Spear character at the end of the cutscene movie.

  30. Gouba's storyline is much interesting and fun compared to Inazuma's archon story quest

  31. So there saying that gouba was a gigachad back then

  32. Does this mean that Zhongli always goes to Wanmin Restaurant to eat so he could see his old friend?

    Ok imma cry for a bit.

  33. Traveler in Guoba Story: Uses Skyward blade
    Traveler while Fighting baal: Uses Dull Blade

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