Genshin Impact - Xiao/Bennett/Xiangling/Kazuha in 1.6 Spiral Abyss -

Genshin Impact – Xiao/Bennett/Xiangling/Kazuha in 1.6 Spiral Abyss

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0:00 Characters Selection
0:05 12-1 First Half
0:38 12-1 Second Half
1:20 12-2 First Half
2:25 12-2 Second Half
3:30 12-3 First Half
4:29 12-3 Second Half
6:14 ​Artifacts, Constellation and Talents Showcase

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  1. To be honest, I was trying out this to appreciate Xiao's Auto Attack animation as it is really cool looking, it is pretty boring to be plunging every single strike although this is his greatest damage output at C0.There is another version where I ran with Xingqiu instead of Xiangling, but I decided to upload this version instead.Enjoy watching, and do spend some time appreciate the coolness of Xiao's auto attack animation even though the window to do this isn't much since Xiangling was outputting too much damage off field along with Kazuha.Cheers.-IonStorm

  2. Just curious are you using thunderfury on hutao? Great video btw 😀

  3. interesting Xiao comp you got there, storm. I was thinking about running a sub dps lion's roar Kazuha and that might just be what I need lol

  4. Me alegra escuchar a Kirito y a Eugeo juntos en otros mundo

  5. i always see you run overload hu tao! is this a team comp thats starting to get some traction or is it just something you like running personally? seems fun to try (and it fits on the enemies hu tao faces in her side of the floors)

  6. Can you try a pure pyro quick swap comp with Venti, Kazuha, Bennett and Xiangling?

  7. How are you liking Xiao Kazuha combo? I’m starting to want to use xiao again but feel hesitant to after hearing he’s not that great with kazuha lol

  8. I main xiao and it is always a treat to watch some good ol xiao in spiral abyss. I’ll be sure to try out the double pyro xiao too since I always use the xiao-zhongli-venti-bennett team hahaha

  9. I hope to get Xiao on his rerun 🥺😥

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