Genshin Impact Yun Jin Character Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021 -

Genshin Impact Yun Jin Character Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021

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Genshin Impact gets a teaser for a new character, Yun Jin. The popular gacha game from publisher miHoYo is getting new characters. Check out the reveal in this teaser trailer shown during the 2021 Game Awards


  1. Literally 4 seconds, and she stole Arataki Itto’s hype. 😆

  2. i glad she is claimable…afraid of my luck i might get shenhe which i tried avoid
    happened to me twice already
    want sayu get yoimiya in 30 pulls
    want xingqiu got kokomi in 20 pulls..tried again and get another kokomi in another 20 pulls
    since then im freakin done with my luck….its like this game knew what i want and what i dont want
    i will get hutao already if kokomi doest ruin it….but at least she is cute

  3. Poor itto. Itto needs attention tho :((

  4. no one gonna talk about Yoimiya and Itto huh ? They're so cuteeeeeeeeeee together

  5. I am definitely going to have itto and Gorou fight that new boss when I get them.

  6. Itto so lame, not exactly like what they showed, skinny tall guy model similar to childe,diluc etc not buff at all , lazy jenshin impact

  7. I love the fact the they put so much screen time to Yoimiya – the uncrowned Pyro Queen and the Pyro Archon protege.

  8. Itto: It's showtime!
    Persona 5 Joker: Ryuji, that's my catchphrase

  9. From the same creator of Jeshin Impact here comes Genshin Imapct

  10. Why do i feel that yunjin might be an antagonist the way her red eyes glowed tho i loved it but i am feeling this is going to be one of the 4* to get the best story. I can sense it
    Edit: i just found out that her gaze looked similar to Muzan in demon slayer XD

  11. Lol never expected to love a female character that much tho. Yunjin actually deserves all the love.

  12. So does Itto have some Natlan ancestry with the oni mixed in, or Fontaine?

  13. Itto: Will you please stop stealing my spotlight?! THIS IS MY MOMENT!
    Yunjin and Ayato: haha nope.

  14. Genshin Imapct Yun Jin Character Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021

  15. mihoyo bias to liyue characters, because……… ahem…. china

  16. Best girl AND best boy in one trailer?! You love to see it. And by it I mean Yoimiya and Gorou.

  17. Yunjin looks like a love Child of Zhongli and Ninguang LMAO

  18. Wait kokomi and yoimya are we getting their rerun possible?

  19. Bruh, gen(jen)shin tortured our itto a lot after yunjin appeared

  20. That "reveal" was atrocious, we learnt more from a single twtter post.

  21. If we don’t see the leak this scene will be verry surprise

  22. Idk why i got goosebumps seeing kokomi and yoimiya particating in gorou and ittos trailer. Well kokomi is my best comrade when fighting the inazuma doggos but seeing yunjin at the end making me to like her. I love bard, a poet and now an opera performer 💘. But it will depend on her kit if im going to built her.
    Im crowded with supports😂
    I only build 3 dps and the rest are support ugh

  23. So now I need Itto even more than I already did— I hope I pull him 👉👈

  24. resisting the urge to type out yunjins entire kit and constellations

  25. 3 Geo in 1 trailer… Aiya, I'm sad don't have friends at Hu Tao trailer

  26. That's honestly just a small teaser, not a "Character Reveal Trailer"…

  27. Phil Spencer actually watched this trailer live. Think about that. Genshin on Xbox soon maybe?

  28. I hope there will be a Meet and Greet event update with Ms.Hina and the final reward is Gorou Skin – Ms.Hina + Girl VA :v

  29. Yoims and kokomi will probably have a double rerun soon form what I heard. Guess who the 2 five stars I was saving for are 😭😭

  30. This is a trailer is filled with the least pulled 5 star characters lol. Poor Itto.

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