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Today in Genshin Impact we’re raising out Itto to God Mode levels. Lv90, Lv8 Talents, Redhorn Stonethresher, and a decent Husk set.

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0:00 Farming Montage
0:52 Intro, Building Itto (again)
4:25 Abyss 9
6:59 Abyss 10
8:14 Abyss 11
11:31 Abyss 12
18:42 Weekly Bosses


  1. Y’all best put some respect on Ushi’s name 😒

  2. Ummm am I the only one seeing keqing using dull blade in the intro??✋😭

  3. I've been using geo traveler as a geo battery to get burst faster

  4. Got itto on his second day in the game, and ngl fighting the golden wolflord is a pain in the ass

    His ushi hits like a rock (zhongli's meteor) btw

  5. Tip for moga: use ittos e after using his q, that cow nukes in burst mode.

  6. Mogaaaaaaabif you see this can you raid razor and pin this I don’t now why I’m doing this you won’t respond but if you do plz

  7. Whats the point of showcasing if youre skipping some fail scenes tho

  8. A wise man once told me, "if it's not a 100%, it's 50%"

  9. Obligatory "farming montage was fire" comment, that is all.

  10. Fun Fact: Itto's burst mode charged attack can actually reach the eye of the storm even if its flying….

    I found it out accidentally while doing dailies

  11. im still grinding ascension mats heros wit and mora for itto gorou, i dont even have artifacts yet but i think its worth it

  12. Title: GOD MODE ITTO!

    Itto, an oni: im literally what god opposes

  13. I have mine 90 with 10 8 10 talents without the redhorn and he hits like a truck.

  14. For anyone using itto and gorou together this is important!!! When using gorou’s burst or skill then swapping to itto for his burst, YOU MUST pause about .5 to .75 seconds before you cast itto’s burst, otherwise he will NOT snapshot gorou’s buff. I have videos of testing ready to be uploaded for anyone who’s curious. You will be losing damage on itto if you don’t do this.

  15. Have you ever tried Hu Tao jp va? If you have not, I really recommend trying at least once.

  16. Moga:"Why is these enemies so weak"
    A sentence an F2p would never say

  17. I’ve seen my ushi hit 18k open world at talent level 4 c0, ushi s tier

  18. The fact that Itto's elemental skill is like zhongli's ult is insane

  19. albedo is a great battery for him

  20. i just realized that his account is from europe, huh i thought he was from the US the whole time

  21. Funnel energy with gorou. Use fav bow and wait till it restores energy then switch to itto

  22. Itto: Cow*(1 stack on hit, 1 stack when he gets off field) -> Benny –> Zhongli E + Q -> Gorou: E + Q with Favonius(Geo and DEF bonusses) -> Itto(has Husk stacks already max that way) Q + E(should be max SSS). You can see the ONI glowing on his back too. Immediately start holding charge attack until final hit, do 2 normal attacks + E and finish remaining time on charge attacks, finish last 2 normal attacks(3-4) and you should have max SSS again. Start from Benny again

  23. Some of other videos I watched suggest the Exile sets for Gorou, the 4 pcs bonus gives everyone in your team energy.

  24. I run him with gorou and noelle who uses R5 Favonius Greatsword and energy is not my problem anymore.

  25. I can't tell if that was a shogun showcase or an Itto showcase 🤔

  26. Jacoblolヤコブ 자각포 雅各布·洛尔 says:

    dont use that bow on gorou the skill ends and skill CD is the same time

  27. What Kokomi could’ve been if scaling was improved in her burst mode </3

  28. Looks like bones did some part of the farming this time 🙂
    (From the ps part of the farming montage 🙂 )

  29. Does anyone know the music during the farming montage? It’s pretty good, I’d like to check it out

  30. 56 into guaranteed still no sign of itto :')

  31. I have itto, but no Zhongli or gorou or albedo or basically any geo characters. Thinking of running him with noelle and electro mc tbh I don’t think it would be that bad.

  32. so, ive used wolf gravestone on him, i have 2.2 attack and 2.1 defense, 2 pcs husk, 2 pcs glad, and in geo build burst that he converts def to attack he does fairly well

  33. Albedo is the best battery for itto because when you're in the range of his E and he hits off field, he still generates geo particles

  34. I had no pity and got I
    Him on my first 10 spin

  35. I want to see itto become the geo archon and drop cows from the sky :'D

  36. mogas noelle ''i am fulley built'' my noelle''help i have lvl 3 talents and 3 star artis''

  37. May I just say that the farming montage was epic.

  38. 19:44 "if it isn't 100% accuracy it's 50% accuracy"
    Close enough 😊

  39. Moga using Burst without building stacks and building stacks while in Burst 🤦‍♂️🙈

  40. ughhhhh!! why do you have to have all the characters in the whole game but I only have 1 5*

  41. Maybe he need traveler to buff the energy recharge or he have to need a full geo team

  42. Btw when playing Itto in his burst you should still throw out the bull. I noticed you weren’t doing that. The bull’s damage is also increased by the ult which lets it hit sometimes more than the final hit of Itto’s charge attack.

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