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Today we’re doing our monthly god-mode showcase, this time for Genshin Impact’s newest hero, Raiden Shogun, also known as Ei.

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0:00 Intro
0:41 How To Build Raiden Shogun
2:54 Finishing Touches
5:24 Dailies
7:11 Abyss 11 and 12
12:51 Eula Plus Raiden Shogun
14:06 Bosses


  1. 14:22 Moga it wasn’t the extra damage I did the same thing WITHOUT BENNET Granted my Raiden is C2 but it’s still crazy what she can do without being worried about the whole beidou issue

  2. would Tenacity of The Milileth be good for support Baal?

  3. im not 100% sure but doing some math 300% ER is perfect

  4. Basically, with about 260-ish% total Energy Recharge, one of her passive talents gives her enough Electro DMG Bonus to be equal to a fully levelled Electro DMG cup + a Thundering Fury 2-piece (+15% electro damage), but of course you also have all that Energy Recharge too.

    It's important to run SOME +atk% on her so that all this bonus damage scales off of something.

    Therefore it's GENERALLY alright to run ER sands + ATK goblet, if you have like, a weapon that already boosts ER. It's probably not worth it otherwise, since in order to get that much ER without a weapon that boosts ER, you need to sacrifice other, more important stat rolls on your artifacts (e.g atk/critrate/critdmg). Electro DMG + Atk Goblet is a fine alternative.

  5. As a diluc main shes probably the best pair up for him

  6. that spiral abyss part became a Hu Tao showcase.

  7. Would it be a good idea to just lvl up her ult atk and leave her normal and skill?

  8. She isn't underwhelming, people are just always unsatisfied and restless. Ganyu is strong, nerf her. Zhongli is weak, buff him. There shouldn't even be nerfs and buffs in a MMORPG game. People should just learn to appreciate what they got, and if they wanna make a character strong, you gotta invest to it in order for it to be as strong as you want it to.

  9. 100k? I've been farming for her since the new domain dropped and she has the same stats as this baal down to atk and er except 30% more crit damage but she caps out at 80k with buffs. The e procs are not even half as good. I guess paying for a 5 star weapon is all there is to building a character. The catch may be her best second option but she's nowhere near as ''insane'' unless you dump money on engulfing lightining.

  10. moga: we don't have a healer on this team
    water dude: am i a joke to you?

  11. My raiden shogun isn’t fully built yet but she is very OP i already have her at level 50 and she already does 2K damage can’t yet to level her then she’ll do around 3K damage when i raise her to 90 at least that’s what i’m hoping!

  12. with her at C1 a full single ult cycle with one electro support you always fill up her circle and do max damage. so it's worth it.

  13. If you don’t care about enemies bouncing around with overloaded, I’d say Ei is a decent support for Klee, because aside from a boing other than Klee’s boing boing boom I can take out enemies really fast with her skill, so I’d recommend her if spiral abyss is not your main priority
    To sum it up Chiaki approves

  14. emblem of severed fate, sands energy recharge (atk %)

  15. "God mode Raiden Shogun"
    Well I mean…
    yeah she was already a god so….

  16. Catch the catch and compare with engulfing….why should we f2p be the only ones to suffer from fish respawn nightmares 😂😭

  17. The Catch is not an event weapon, you buy it from the fisherpeople.

  18. I finally understand why they release Sara.
    It is for all the people that c6'd their Bennets.

  19. 15:32 it says on the domain entrance what the elements will be, hope this helps

  20. After maining zhongli always. She is really underwhelming

  21. but why attk sands? if you have her weapon, energy sands is the best.. plus the difference is liek 300 attack.. and you do mroe damage with her ult because more energy recharge, and you get mroe electro dmg bonus

  22. This crit ratio 💀💀💀
    I wouldn’t call this a God Mode review tbh, would like to see one with better artifacts farmed

  23. I blinked when you did childe and I was shook

  24. "Godmode raiden!!"
    That doesnt mean anything,shes already 24/7 god

  25. Moga if you find impressive the 4k passive damage of baal (wich is impressive, don't get me wrong) you should try to pull and build albedo, with def artifacts mine hits like 7-8k on average with passive bloom on the field. Still excited for Baal and really looking forward on building her.

  26. Baal is actually pretty good her burst did 4800 dmg at level 20 with lvl 1 favonius Lance and I haven’t even raised all her artifacts yet

  27. I would Imagine an atk% goblet being superior since the more you get electro dmg the less it actually is because of diminishing returns same with energy recharge but that's how her weapon works

  28. I hope that IF Moga does try to go for C2 Raiden that he gets a C6 Sara so he can buff (electro) Keqing and Ei even more!

  29. OMFG!!!!! It’s just so freaking hard to pull an Electro DMG Goblet, let alone one that has good stats.

  30. The Shogun is kind of nutty, I'm happy that I decided to desperately pull for her after getting her weapon by accident, with little investment she is almost on par with my Diluc that I have even since ar 14, now I will just save until an Eula rerun and I'll my account will be set, I'll never struggle to kill something ever again! from then on, I'll just focus on getting the rest of the archons for collection sake (Venti come home)

  31. my abyss 12-1 chambers both took about the same time in this old abyss, but i thought the second part was way worse. still managed to get a near perfect run that ended with 8:32 left once. a "normal" good run would leave 8:10 in the clock more or less.

  32. The wanting soprano proximally shelter because chest structurally mess up pro a numberless seal. steady, flippant berry

  33. There are 2 people in this world: the ones who make baal the main dps and the ones who make her a support dps

  34. I hate the fact that I can beat the boss needed to acend raiden but not the one for yanfei

  35. Voice is a little rough on this one, sorry bout that. A lil under the weather.

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