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GOD MODE YOIMIYA! (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re maxing Yoimiya and putting her to the test.
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0:00 Intro
1:31 Yoimiya Build – Artifacts
3:19 Constellation, Talents, and Weapon Discussions
4:42 Trying Yoimiya in Dailies
6:46 Weekly Bosses
9:26 Abyss 12


  1. She's not good when there's so many enemies tho and also her ult and charged shots are useless

  2. When you realized that the intro was the freaking content.

  3. Oh yes, give me this Yoimiya appreciation juice

  4. Yoimiya haver here
    Rust or the new bow (the one from the mysterious conch guy) for her?

  5. That's just Zhongli doing insane resistance shred.

  6. Moga, if you have c6 fischl…. Try her with Yoi…. You wont regret it

  7. Tok tok tok tok tok love those pick up sounds 🤣🤣

  8. Cant wait for the claymore with elemental damage sub.

  9. I always have this thing with characters..
    Let me show you an example:
    I just got diona and I wanted to level her up
    I already farmed for her a bit because I wanted to have her from the start of the game
    I leveled her up to 50 but then..
    I'm out of materials
    So I need to farm that
    But I also need mora
    So I need to use resin for that
    And the things I need to farm for her are also in leylines
    So that also needs resin
    But I just spent 4 condensed resin
    But I needed to farm for the Amos bow
    It's only on level 60
    Why do you give is 160 resin miHoYo
    I need more resin everyday tbh
    Like theres so many things to do with resin
    No resin: No fun

  10. Thundering pulse synergy with shinemava: just epic
    Hamayumi synergy with shinemava: just sad

    Where justice?

  11. and yet people are still complaining about her on the reddit, people really just want every new 5* to be a solo nuke dps I swear

  12. imagine yoimiya with tons of attack speed… that’s just a flaming machine gun right there

  13. I swear this is going to turn out like albedo where everyone regrets not pulling for them, as for me I'm saving up gems for whenever the electro archon comes out because they will be the first archon I obtain

  14. Moga I challenge you to solo every boss with yomia

  15. Me watching this one only for Satisfying Moga editing skills…

  16. That was a painful 1 minute and 31 minutes of my life

  17. i love how everyone is overlooking and just dissing yoimiya and then this; great work <3

  18. as a yoimiya haver, it’s so refreshing to see someone appreciating her potential instead of bashing her for not being as meta breaking as other characters, she is amazing i love her

  19. For everyone who says "boohoo supports this supports that". Do you not understand by now that some characters, no most characters shine wayyy better than they do solo? Take childe for example. Stop whining over the fact that she doesn't satisfy your expectations. Just don't pull for her if you don't like her that much. No need to trash on her.

  20. I love your videos i am soooo happy that you reached 350k i hope you reach 100 mil soon i am a huge moglet you make everyone smile and laugh thank you soooo much i will keep supporting you

  21. I love your editing also thanks for the effort he makes for us he is one of my fav youtubers:)

  22. tbh bones may be lucky in gatcha but moga is lucky with skills to entertain people

  23. You would also have brought mora from paimon shop!

  24. I was soosorry for you cus you farmed sooo much:(

  25. I just got Jean then 3 one pulls later I got Yoimiya, then one more gave me Diona and if I get Sayu in my next one pull I’m going to be so happy!!! I wanted some of my luck to transfer from cookie run kingdom to genshin Impact and it did I’m really happy!

  26. damnn this hurts me cuz i'm saving for Baal,damnn kinda sucks being f2p i guess I'll see her at her rerun

  27. I used ayaka to freeze the samurais in 12-1 to kill them before they heal

  28. Moga makes me WANT to build yoimiya… even though I only have a C1 rust

  29. Check razer impacts yoimiya video it will show all her weaknesses and not positives because there is none

  30. So nice to see that you aren't complaining about her AOE or "ShE cAnT oNe ShOt BoSsEs" I think people are way too harsh on her calling her underpowered or even balanced. Hu Tao may be a lil better, but Yoimiya is also extremely strong. That's why I love your channel Moga, unbiased showcases and that you respect all characters.

  31. Even though he didn't say anything I heard hello moglets in my head😁

  32. I just get it yesterday and my resin are dissapier and someone give me a bp :v

  33. I just got her with one pull on my newly created europe account yesterday.

  34. I actually really like Yoimiya. I don't really get the hate. Esp when as you mentioned you take in her actual attack speed. Her ult does suck tho. Like that I will agree. But would probably make more fun in co op? I dunno. I got her, but I don't have the bow sadly and I don't know if I'll be able to whale to get it before the banner goes away. And I think my Rust is only R2? So also sad.

    Also can I get a second water dude Mihoyo? I need him for my Klee team and my Yoimiya team T_T

  35. I don't know why but I just love these videos, Moga. Hahahah

  36. i'm wondering if shimenawa is good for yoimiya with hamayumi. i can't really afford nor do i want to risk pulling on the weapon banner right now so hamayumi is my only option to use (i also don't have rust lol). if shimenawa doesn't work with hamayumi, what other artifact sets can i use for yoi?

  37. MIHOYO Please consider change her Q adjustment

  38. I like the fact how he is in the realm of his own and doesn't has any outside influence on him. So he can give honest thoughts about what he thinks of a character

  39. even though i don't pull her ,i don't get why there are people over exaggerate she is weak .she looks decent enough for me ..

  40. Moga why you max characters when you dont use them

  41. Moga when Rock frog came out thus thing is to strong now this guy melted and can only stomp from this

  42. Um i actually liked her design, and was gonna pull for her but the internet comments said otherwise. Now after watching this video the next thing I'm gonna do is pull for her when i open genshin

  43. No….. She IS bad,Stop trying to ruin my pity…

  44. Hot damn let’s appreciate how good of an editor Mona is is

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