Grafix - Break The Cycle (ft. Chrissie Huntley) -

Grafix – Break The Cycle (ft. Chrissie Huntley)

UKF Drum & Bass
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Grafix joins the UKF10 celebrations with the emotional hurricane that is Break The Cycle, out now.
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Chrissie Huntley
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#drumandbass #dnb

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  1. grafix esse ano tem feito otimas musicas,amo demais esse som,essa atmosfera das musicas e os timbres <3

  2. this tune blessed my bus ride this morning on soundcloud, throwback song by grafix all class.

  3. Best track heard in a long while from grafix ☺

  4. nooooooooo, grafix turning into shit cheap women dnb lyrics?!

  5. How long does it take to let go?
    Just break the cycle
    And then I'll be the one you miss
    I can't help running away from this

  6. Every New Song from grafix makes me feel good about the decision breaking up producing only Music with fred v.
    Nice track as always 😇

  7. Been listening to your tune for years you never disapoint ♥️

  8. Ever look at trending music? Ya that’s some scary shit.

  9. Brb playing this track on repeat until I hate it (which will be never).

  10. This is the real meaning that it sounds differently! Love it

  11. Grafix is a testament to this genre. Bless this man❤️👌🏻

  12. Grafix has definitely broken the cycle and taken us all back to 2011!

  13. what an absolute legend man, everything he does is just pure bliss

  14. Absolutely in love with that laser noise in there

  15. Man, I could cry hearing this style of 2010ish Drum & Bass again.. I hope more producers pick up their roots and go back to their original style. Seems like the most difficult part about being a musician nowadays is to keep yourself distinct from others and refrain from jumping on a certain hype train that is going on at the moment (see screechy rollers, etc). Absolutely in love with this track and hope to hear more of it soon!

  16. I really miss this kind of Drum & Bass, it's just so 2010 and I can feel the nostalgia right there. Don't judge me, I like the new Drum & Bass stuff, is just kinda different.

  17. one of the best for a 10 years, last hit for my mind was b complex girl with flowers

  18. Grafix has been absolutely on fire recently, his DJ sets at Hospitality on the Beach were a complete madness, and he's not stopped releasing bangers since

  19. OMfuckinG i need more DnB like this ♥️🤘🔥


  21. Heard this at studio 338 in London for the UKF event. What a night

  22. Fred V & Grafix split broke my heart.. damn. Been listening to them since I was a kid. Their solo projects are bangers but cmon.. name a better duo besides Calyx & TeeBee.. seriously.

  23. Inspiring and extraordinary in the same time!

  24. This song means a lot to me
    And it came out on mine/Maduk's bday cheers!

  25. Deepstate is cancelled 2020.
    God wins.
    See you on the loop.

  26. 2019 and this could honestly be his best banger yet.. this man is a true legend.

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