guardin - the cycle (prod. caspr x saint tomorrow) (music video) -

guardin – the cycle (prod. caspr x saint tomorrow) (music video)

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  1. Hey guardin, great song. I'll make sure to add this one to the playlist lol. But I was wondering if you could drop a video on what your uke sounds like? Like that general high pitch sound so I know what to tune mine to. It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Fucking love you dude. Hope it's not disrespectful but my xbox ign is Guardinn00 much love dude

  3. nice song man, i just got a guardian shirt for christmas!

  4. Thanks for helping me cry. Been holding it in for 2 days now

  5. Imo I think it’s about a relationship that’s gone south, and that the negatives may be minescule and the ending saying don’t let go it will only leave you miserable leads into that?

  6. I’ve been here since u had 500 subscribers

  7. does anyone know if i get a guardin hoodie in 2x will it fit okay, or will it be tight like a large. i would go a size up but there’s not an option

  8. The rollercoaster that is this video. FUCKING amazing.

  9. This song and video are perfect. Thank you guardin

  10. I cannot express how happy I am that I watched the live stream last night 🥲💙

  11. I had a question @guardin what software do u use? i was in your live (the album listening party) and i cannot remember what it was. I wanna start making music!! i love your songs and heavily relate to them 🙂

  12. yo bro you good keep going if you ever need a beat hmu on ig @gav1.exe i wuld be glad and honored to produce for you

  13. i wish i saw ads on these, like honestly i wish that there were more ways to support than buying the merch listening and spreading the songs, but its real passion so it doesnt matter and thats why we love it

  14. I love u

    from France💗 je t'adore t'es trop parfait

  15. Omfg yes the prod is so good and guardin fits so well on his style 🥺🤘

  16. Why he likes to add an umbrella ahead of the video ? Afraid of raining?

  17. I just watched a video with his green hair… we’re did it go 🙁

  18. This one hurt lowkey… Exactly how i feel inside man. Please dont ever give up. Mental illness is nothing to take lightly. I lost my bestfriend to suicide last march. Your music is a place to escape the madness in my head. I love you bro. I hope to meet you soon

  19. Gaurdin gave me the motivation to release my music on YouTube love the guy he got me through some bad times

  20. visuals not far from accurate! some atleast 🙂

  21. By gods, this song fucking kills me Every Damn Time.
    "Winter and summer collide,
    This universe isn't mine, no.
    We hope this reaches you in time,
    Chaotic, But Jesus Christ, You're Beautiful."

  22. Yeah guardin is better at being an artist, but actually nobody other than someone that actually feels the way he writes every godamn song would make this. Nick writes with reality and if not maybe he's like me 👽🤘

  23. Guardin do you have schizophrenia like me?

  24. I haven't created an interpretation for this song but i will try. This is obviously about the cycle of life, birth, growing up, and fear of death. He says "what if i testify against everything I've been saying this whole time" maybe indicating that when he says he wants to die, he does but hes scared.

    Edit: Life residuals, i haven't heard anyone say this before but residuals mean very small things. Maybe he feels a connection or finds meaning in small things such as a river, rain, snow, leaves falling, smoke coming out of chimneys, light between the branches. This is reinforced with the lyrics that say "chaotic but beautiful".

  25. Tonight is a hard night for me. Thank you for being here for me 😔💖

  26. lyrics
    what if i testify against everything that i
    have been saying this whole time
    cause i’m probably telling lies
    what do i do when i
    feel like lying down to die
    does the dirt eat me alive
    do the worms feed off my eyes
    open wide for the flies
    cause they’re feeding off your spine
    crawling up & down in line
    like a soldier bound to die
    come inside so will i
    wipe your feet until they’re dry
    wipe the tears out of your eyes
    part of me likes when you cry

    winter and summer collide
    this universe isn’t mine no
    we hope this reaches you in time
    chaotic but jesus christ you’re beautiful

    get caught up constantly in life’s residuals
    and paint the sky full of agonizing visuals
    can’t press rewind when you realize it’s minuscule
    so don’t let go it’ll only leave you miserable

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