HOW GOOD IS ALOY? Full Aloy Review & Build Guide | Genshin Impact -

HOW GOOD IS ALOY? Full Aloy Review & Build Guide | Genshin Impact

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is Aloy worth building? New 5-star that everyone gets in their mail for FREE. I cover her power level and how to build her artifacts, weapons, teams & more.
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i hope this guide helped. Aloy’s main usage IMO is a cryo battery.
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  1. It's so weird getting Alloy as a new F2P player- I almost feel like not having access to a ton of characters already is an advantage when approaching Alloy as someone who wants to play her bc of the crossover. Bc I don't have Diona or Gonyu or even Chonyu she's SUPER EXCITING to get. However, I also accept that she might not be a character I play forever. That said I think I'm going to build a freeze team around her anyway. Thanks for the guide! <3

  2. I was hoping she was good but when I learned she was a AA cryo I wasnt expecting her to be better than Ayaka.

  3. using anemo like jean wont really help much as the bombs would tend to explode all at the same time. remember that stacks occur every 0.1 sec

  4. nicee… I was confused at first. how fast I got my burst back again.. her E skill does generate decent amount of energy

  5. My lvl.20 Aloy with over 200% ER. One chuck of her bomb and her ult is ready

  6. I'd like to see how good a for fun team with her would be. My idea is Aloy, Klee, Jean, Bennet. Get the bomblets from Aloy and Klee on the field then use Jean to pull them in and launch them at people, or pull the people in too and let all the bomblets converge on the helpless fools, followed by the swirl/launch. Klee would be the main DPS in this comp with the others as supports/burst DPS.

  7. she's ridiculously bad. Being a sac bow battery and a timmies birds farmer is all she has going for her which is super depressing, MHY being greedy af again going out of their way to make sure our "free" 5 stars aren't even average tier smh.

  8. Good channel for characters comps, but have a great sin, not a single video about Noelle, but I whole predict one in patch 2.3

  9. Tell us you don't like Aloy without telling us you don't like Aloy

  10. I got her a while ago because I logged in on ps4. I kind of regret building her, to be honest… she's like a C0 Chongyun

  11. Yeah so basically shes crapola until we can get her constellations

  12. it's also an issue if the bombs r sucked up the coil stack has an ICD so if grouping works on the bombs that will actually fuck this up causing them 2 all blow up at once so no coil stacks if u wanted 2 use her infusion mode. unless they give her constellations, she's in a really weird place and really not worth it

  13. i love this video, this is making me happy as an aloy main and as someone who tried working on an aloy theorycrafting document but was discouraged due to people who have bashed and bullied me who doesn't like meta characters.

    thank you for making this video pointing out BOTH her weaknesses and strengths without bias and im happy you tried her aswell! honestly the people who kept bashing her are the same people who complain why they didn't get a 5-star and calls aloy "non canon" just because she's a collab character which is true but they didn't have to be tll negative about it.

  14. doesn’t aloy have a 2nd game to make? she doesn’t have time to be fucking around in genshin

  15. Almost done and sadly I still need better substats lol.

    Happy I have her now and she's pretty good as main Cryo DPS and it sucks that when I use her E it fly to a random area when the enemy avoided it lol

  16. According to IWinToLoseGaming she is basically ranged Chongyun. With the same bad scalings.

  17. 'Her elemental skill is a very unique ability'

    sad klee noises

  18. The acquaint fate I got from alloy gave me Aquila favonia

  19. venti makes a black hole small bombs you foool !!

  20. Only leveled her up for the blue wishes lmao

  21. she’s only a five star because somy wants a five star. she has four star stats.

  22. um don't wanna sound dumb but what does prok mean?

  23. at least, she's best cryo support for new player. especially who start play Genshin since 2.0

  24. Hmmm… I hope there aren't any new targets in the comments…

  25. I have khazua and having blast with her soon lv80 her. May be run her with chong for cryo dps.

  26. I won't even level her up to level 20 to get the free wish 💩

  27. I was actually hesitant towards building her at first, so I tried, leveled her up to 50 just to try. I'm not disappointed, shes a budget Ganyu.

    If she's your first 5 star I recommend building her up. Shell be invaluable.

  28. Alloy is trash but hope new players have a good use for her

  29. I know there not very compatible but I’m gonna put alloy in a team with Klee cause bombs right now I’m thinking Klee, aloy, diona, sucrose

  30. Idk why they put in a 0.1 sec to proc her ability stacks. I thought with kazuha I could use her as a cryo Dps but nope can't proc em all at once
    Super annoying

  31. Note that her stacks can only be gained every 0.1 seconds so if you use anemo characters like sucrose that group her bombs too fast, sometime she doesnt get 4 stacks because the bombs hit too fast within .1 secs

  32. Just a sac bow aloy thing:
    Since aloy's cd on her e is so long, you need a high refinement sac bow or every other e wont proc sac,making diona better, making her less f2p than diona.

  33. Don't be too reliant on her battery capabilities. The CD is 20 seconds so her ppm is actually far lower than most cryo characters (exception being qiqi).

  34. I would recommend Sacrificial Bow and 4 piece Noblese, this will be good for damage and buffing the team with her natural 8% atk and the 20% from set.
    She doesn't need favonious bow for recharge, sacrificial is more damage and the prefect amount of recharge

  35. I hope Zyox makes a Chongyun guide.

  36. I’m planning to use her as a burst support

    2pc blizzard
    2pc noblesse

    Idk what bow would be good tho, stringless?

  37. Rosaria,jean and xingqiu are really good with her fast ER and switch team

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