How to Boost Get Good Artifacts 37.5% Faster in 15 Minutes Per Day | Genshin Impact -

How to Boost Get Good Artifacts 37.5% Faster in 15 Minutes Per Day | Genshin Impact

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  1. The Artifact exchange system is good at the beginning.

    Towards end game, you will focus on specialized sets for specific characters.

    Me, who have been playing since v1.0…
    It is a waste because I'm more focused on specialized sets.

  2. Honestly the part you leave out is you can only.get certain sets by reroll this way. You aren't going to be able to get what most people.are actually going for which is emblem/husk/witches

  3. The strongbox is so awesome. I got a pretty good Noblesse flower for my Rosaria that rolled all into CRIT. My only struggle is that I don't have enough fodder to level up my good pieces but outside of that, the strongbox hasn't been rough to me.

  4. I got a really strong ningguang build with 2 gladiator + 2 noblesse with this feature
    Also I build bennet, diona and ganyu with this
    This video is necessary

  5. This is what i got from strong box
    Wanderer pyro goblet : 9.7CR 28Cdmg
    Noblesse Cryo goblet : 3.9CR 23Cdmg
    Noblesse Feather : 3.9CR 29Cdmg
    And many more!
    Everytimr my artifact hits more than 1200, i use strongbox and exchange it. Totally worth the time + resin

  6. OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— i got free gift cards from 💜 💜 "2:12" jJw

  7. Wait, you mean people still waste their time, and resin farming artifacts, why?

    Since the artifact system is such a steaming mound of **SHIT**, the odds of you getting anything good is next to nil, as you can spend almost all your resin farming the same domain for three months, and still have to make do with the one passable set you got from all that time, and effort. Then even if you do go through all that bullshit, what are you going to use your artifacts for? The abyss is almost a complete waste of time, and if you've been playing a long time, you can probably manage it well enough with the artifacts you already have, and everything else is pretty easy, so what's the point of trying to get new artifacts? I can sort of see newer players doing some artifact farming, not that I'd recommend a person start playing Genshin in the first place, but that's it.

    I have about eighty fragile resin in my inventory, as I just don't use the things, since it is such a total waste of time to even use it to expedite the farming of the related content in the game now. Then I'd much rather use my resin on content that will always give me a return on my investment, like, well just about everything but artifact related content. I'll do the weekly bosses, and the world bosses for the things I need from them, and may get the odd artifact that isn't complete trash along the way, but that's as far as I'm going with artifact farming until they fix that bullshit system. Then if they have any intentions of making harder content again, they really will need to overhaul it, as they had to stop making harder events, clearly as too many people couldn't handle that content, and the garbage artifact system is a big part of the reason why.

  8. Artifact grind is a boost no doubt, but its not fun and start to feel like a job very quickly, the same feeling you have about daylies and resin, there is no way i would make this game more painful and boring to play that already is.

  9. Compound Interest is really a scary thing…

  10. Thank you so much for this video! This clarifies a lot about what to do with 5☆. I've been struggling to make good sets.. and I'm one of those people who fed 5s to level up artifacts. Going to start today farming artifacts 15minutes a day!! Thanks Seka 😊

  11. I always grind them for mora exchange not for xp

  12. i mained fischl early game as phys dps. i have her C6 and would love to do a thundering fury support build. but since i still need a headpiece for hu tao and itto/gorou artifacts, im never going to that old electro domain. it would be awesome if they added it to strongbox.

  13. I always do artifact exchange since I dont need to go to the Noblesse domain amd farm elsewhere
    I save some artifacts to use for the exchange and so far I get some great artifacts out of it

  14. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how fast you progress because the developers barely had any contact at any reasonable speed it’s all watering plants and picking vegetables and giving flowers to people and the occasional dungeon once every six months so you could take your time and still be caught up

  15. 15 minutes? I do full clear artifact route and let me tell you it doesn't take 15 minutes, but it does save I lot of resin to have hundreds of 1* and 2* artifacts for fodder… you can 16+ and artifact every day you do the route so if you already have good artifacts but can't level'em up due to lack of resin just go out and clear the spots and you'll have enough to do so without touching your resin

  16. TF the artifact exchange is the biggest blessing Mihoyo gave us, I constantly have 1500 artifact max inventory and thankfully you can convert it

    who the hell fodder gold artifacts anyway, as long as you do artifact grind daily you will get more trash artifact not worth levelling than good ones

    I get so much artifacts that I kept selling the blue ones and keep gold and purple ones

  17. I just wish they made it so that we can reroll all the artifacts not just limited to 4

  18. Finally got a couple pieces I was looking for. If only we could use the strongboxes for any set

  19. i was doing this every time i could, but the exp needed by artifacts in the end is to high and for me it feels not worth ,i prefer to use some gold artifacts to level, or even go to the pot and buy the Exp in the store, because i only use the strongbox when i have alot of trash to try for something because like a domain that thing can also be a waste of time if you don't get anything

  20. I had about 1400 artifacts before I got eula. I’m down to about 300 now just from rolling on the bloodstained strongbox

  21. It doesn't look like 15 mins, but besides that, it's TOO ANOYING, not the grind i mean killing monsters for artifacts would be fun specially if they are in 1, 2 , 3 places to grind , the problem is the artifact routes are way too annoying and they are meant to be annoying for 40% more exp which is not much really.

  22. I really wanna use this feature but ah man I need so much fodder. I don't have the patience to do the Artifact route daily and EVEN then cause I have done it already…it's not nearly enough exp for me. It takes me like over a week to get one full set to lvl 20 and I buy Artifact exp from the teapot shop. Mihoyo really needs to give us more free Artifact exp cause this shit takes way too long

  23. Trial version of the game genshin impact With or without internet If you do not understand what I mean, go to the link and read the first comment and you will understand what I mean

  24. good breakdown, I wish Mihoyo would open the exchange system up for ANY artifact set. I would love to be able to choose a set besides noblesse for once like say the severed fate or husk sets.

  25. tbh it is for end-game f2p, I use it since my f2p has ardy good artifacts so rerolling us a good option for me since I might find even better artifacts that what I got even tho my artifacts are really good

  26. i love the stronghold box, it allows me to farm for whoever i want and convert the trash into good wanderers pieces. i have a 32% CD onset cryo goblet and i got it from the stronghold box. it truly is a blessing

  27. I save all my abyss artifacts just for the future adds

  28. I hope they add the option to get the VV and CW sets whit this method because I am not interested in Maybe nor LavaW.

  29. The only problem that the exchange system only has noblesse thats kind of good. Im saving my 5* for viridescent artifact reroll.

  30. All my godly Bloodstained pieces came from the strongbox. Noblesse hates me tho.

    My artifact XP farming takes an hour everyday. 😅

  31. I have been doing this even when I just started out grinding artifacts because it allows me to give my supports proper artifacts so proper in fact they are better than any of my artifact pieces from the domain

  32. me ar 58 with over 1000 5star artifacts and I barely have any good ones, I'll take the advice but since only my main dps have their kit on lvl 20, I still need to hold out for this, after I get every1's artifacs on lvl 20 I'll do this. No I dont grind on the open world for artifcs, h8 it much

  33. Strongbox got my diona and bennett noblesse sets :), though Benny still needs a better goblet and circlet

  34. "Out of ten you may get 1 decent "
    You're too generous seka….
    Yeah I agree I have got some godly noblese pieces from the artifacts exchange. I never do the noblese dungeon.

  35. I don't really get the counter argument people have with strongboxes. Why do you want to save 5* fodder if you don't have anything to roll on? Having artifacts worth rolling on while lacking fodder is a better position to be in than having fodder without anything to roll on.

  36. I've fed over 200 artifacts in the artifacts exchange mechanic and haven't got a single usable piece. My luck is just that bad.

  37. I just wish that the artifact recycler could give you some other sets as options.

  38. The powercreep of artifacts its an interesting topic and I think its very accurate. At first I didn't get why add noblesse and bloodstained to the strongbox, it felt kind of random. Now with the Inazuma domains, I haven't felt the need to step foot on Noblesse domain when Emblem is such a better option for so many supports. I'd say the old geo domain is the most likely one to be added, since what would anyone use it, now that the def set is out? Perhaps that supports the theory that this is a feature most endgame players shouldn't ignore for their newer units that may not be a priority but would like to be geared with filler that makes them usable.

  39. I already know that and I am not doing that. This is the most useless video I have seen in a while.

  40. “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on-“

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