How To DESTROY In This New Battle Royale! | The Cycle -

How To DESTROY In This New Battle Royale! | The Cycle

Mr. Fruit
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How To DESTROY In This New Battle Royale! | The Cycle


  1. Please do more of these videos. This is such a cool and interesting game

  2. Mr fruit yall need to dream team diablo 3!!!

  3. I fucking love this collab q.q Fallout and Fruit are so wholesome, Rob's salt, and Blue's good looks – they can't lose!

  4. please do so much more of this game I love watching it! Also is this game on console?

  5. There should be some sort of ‘capture’ like system when you try to board the evac ship.You can just run straight into it right now with no strategy or plan at all. The high amount of health you have will protect you and you most likely won’t die. Maybe they could integrate something that requires you to be in a certain proximity to the ship for a certain amount of time without leaving the area before you can board. (10 seconds could be enough) If you leave the area the timer will reset. I think this could create more interesting battles when there is more than one team trying to board.

  6. not new…and good luck finding a fucking match

  7. Fallouts here?! Can we get fruit rhabby fallout and aztecross in a game?
    (Sry blue)

  8. Thank you fruit for always being there, it’s been really hard for me with the quarantine… always cheers me up to watch my daily dose of content

  9. Ah that game that no one will play cuz warzone is out omegalul

  10. I literally never like to watch other people play but this is hilarious

  11. happy to see the game getting advertised like this but for the love of god, dont call it a BR. We are getting so many misinformed players already and its really getting annoying

  12. I belive you would be faster with pistol equipped. Also try Karma sniper rifle you can delete other players quite easily with that weapon not the best in pve though. Granade launcher is the best for pve farming and scaring others away.

  13. Cuisine royal is definitely a better option in EVERY way.

  14. They're Gypsies!!!
    -Rhab 2016?

  15. I can't wait till they nerf the komrad so you actually have to use a gun with skill

  16. I've been playing this game for 2 mo ths now. Glad to see new players on the map.

  17. The only person that can rival optimalness… Fallout.

  18. The developer literally make an effort to say it’s not a battle royal but ok

  19. 3:45
    Fruit: “Now THIS is value—“

    Blue: “POD-RACING, oh uh VALUE”
    Fruit: “Wait what?”
    Blue: “oh”

  20. hmm looks cool- its not on steam. maybe its oh…..OH it s on EPIC RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  21. Almost have explosive ammo for one of the first Assault Rifle guns u unlock. Just started last sunday. Really fun, but this game is not a BR and will never be a BR so please stop trying to force your own label on this great game.

  22. Thanks for getting me into the cycle almost a year ago! I miss PvP snare traps.

  23. Reminds me of what a new Destiny would be. Love it tho

  24. can we get more of this please? also its battle royale like, its not exactly a battle royale

  25. Wait, the cycle is not a battle royale, It’s a Pvevp first person shooter royale

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