HOW TO GET FREE 5-STAR Character ALOY in Genshin Impact -

HOW TO GET FREE 5-STAR Character ALOY in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is doing a crossover event where you can get a free 5-star character #ALOY! here is a quick video on how to get Aloy in #genshin
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  1. How Aloy got to teyvat: Aloy found a portal in her original world she was curious where it lead to so she went in and there she was in Sneznaya she was freezing cold and later she found a statue of the seven and it was the cryo element.

    kind of unrelated i know

  2. Can i still get this? Im rank 11 and don't know if i can be able to get it?

  3. All I'm saying is she better be free when she's released for 2.2. it's unfair the PS4 and PS5 users are getting all these cool stuff and now they're getting a free character?

  4. This really is all the holidays in the year for Genshin impact players

  5. She better get a bow that does 2x damage to ruin guards

  6. Imagine the good hunter from bloodborne as a 5 star

  7. Bruh I already have ganyu. Why does it have to be another cryo bow.

  8. Also genshin has a lot of problems or maybe my expectations were too high it’s fun and good but could be so much better

  9. I have horizon zero dawn on the PS4 and I'm excited for this

  10. So glad i play PS4 rn, and the fact that i played the game shes from adds the cherry on top (got the game for free aswell btw) but i stopped playing because the biggass robots almodt scared the shit outta me lol

  11. For new players joining it can be misleading for them since you can. Only get aloy at 20ar+

  12. I don’t really care for crossovers, the style doesn’t really suit the aesthetics for the other characters :/

  13. Give me Free Ganyuu and I'm ready to play

  14. Too bad i only started playing like 2 days ago

  15. so i dont have to do anything basically besides logging in to get aloy on pc in version 2.3?

  16. Me who’s adventure rank 33 in 4-5 days of playing Genshin impact:

  17. I see a lot of people complaining about getting Aloy and not any other character and it's just disappointing.

  18. Me at level 16:I guess time to do productive stuff and not just collectin flowers

  19. 1:10 Bro you kinda dumb cause it says phase 1 ends upon the 2.2 update and phase 2 begins there

  20. Yeah..but you have to wait till October…they should have announced it closer to that month instead of making people wait 3 months. Hate it when they do this…

  21. When PlayStation gets almost all the hype

  22. Should be a electro though, now if only mihoyo unlinks the wrong account from my PS4 account….

  23. i am returning to genshin just to get her

  24. I'm surprised no one is talking about her weapon and the downside of it.

  25. Mmmm Im playing since yesterday but i didnt get any free 5 star aloy 🙁

  26. This is awesome, and I’m hoping they can do a crossover with other great fighters too. Can’t wait to get Aloy

  27. Fortnite be like:

  28. I think she will only be a good character on ps4 or 5, and on any other platform she is really bad.

  29. me who has been devoid of my norse aesthetic in genshin: mY HEART 😭💜

  30. Ok so i dont play playstation but atleast we get aloy for free in the 2.3 update

  31. Can I get these if I started playing this week

  32. I never played this game before. But I'm gonna play to get this character. She's so cool. But I played Horizon Zero Dawn btw.

  33. sick but it dosnt really have the 5 star feeling cuz its free

  34. My friend: No! You can’t just add a crossover character in Genshin. It will mess the lore up!

    Me, who doesn’t even care about the lore and is about to have a heart attack after having heard that she will be a free five star: What if I tell you…I Don’t Care?

  35. Keeps talking talking and talking but doesn't tell how to get aloy for free. Scam.

  36. Sorry I misread in my hype! You get her at the START of 2.1 on PLaystation and 2.2 everywhere else! So this is NEXT PATCH!
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