How To Kill A Marauder | The Cycle: Frontier -

How To Kill A Marauder | The Cycle: Frontier

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Step 1: Let the marauder run up to you
Step 2: Shoot its weakspot a couple times when it opens its mouth
Step 3: Run outside melee range
Step 4: Reload
Step 5: Repeat


  1. this doesnt work at all anymore.. if u run on the timer u say he still hits slaps you

  2. I kinda wish there was a more effective method for this. I mean, you deal okay damage by hitting the weakspot, but it still just takes forever and drains so much ammo

  3. Nice, that you teamed him instead of mindlessly shooting each other

  4. When I fight him he actually fights back and hits half my health in 1 hit

  5. Shit mechanic for a mob. Not difficult at all… just annoying and a time sink…

  6. Does this still work? because I'm pretty sure he will just charge you. Posted Oct 31st

  7. I’ve had 3 regain health back to full once I get them past about 25% hp

  8. If you use advocate or any tier 3 gun you melt it easily

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