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Today in Genshin Impact we’re doing some big summons for the newest heroes, Yoimiya and Sayu!
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0:00 Intro
1:14 Summons


  1. ʚ 𝙵𝟺𝟹𝚁𝚈𝙹𝙾𝟷 ɞ says:

    *casually just sobbing because literally everyone else has diona while my best character is sucrose*

  2. I was watching this while farming for yomiya at the cube and then I went too far out but I was so close to finishing 🙁

  3. I got yoimiya in 50 or 40 pulls. I was trying to get sayu or save pity for kokomi. Now I have to win the 50/50 🙁

  4. This type of video discourages me from summoning from there. Here I struggle to get 10x T^T

  5. I just pulled her!!! So excited 😆 she was so fun in her trial

  6. so well i got yoimiya today should i be happy or sad cause i wanted sayu and didnt get her i wanted to save the pity for baal but still as a f2p i am happy cause i got ayaka from 2nd pity and i got yoimiya with only 20 summons so i should be happy but what is this indiscribable feeling if only i had this luck on ayaka or hutao or ganyu banner but still i love her as a char so i am happy i think

  7. i got yoimyia sayu and xinyan same roll 60 pity

  8. I was wishing last night and it 30 pulls I got yoimiya and a c1 sayu🌝

  9. I got Yoimiya 40 pulls after Jean so now im not jealous anymore so im watching all the yt videos i was too jealous to watch before

  10. I got keqing on Yoimiyas banner and she’s my first five star well besides the traveller

  11. my sister's ritual works but only for 1 pull (or one 10 pull), she got yoimiya and sayu. but i got xiangling. so, it works 1 day at a time.
    ily Moga Fans & Moga <33

  12. Any tips on how I can get much primogems I really want yoimiya soooo baaad😭😭😭😭

  13. Wtf your luck with diona, i want diona c6 too T_T

  14. still luckier than me. I lost the kazuha 50/50 to mona on the fricking 86th pull…

  15. I did many one pulls and got Yoimiya in one of them

  16. I got my sayu during the first lyue archon quests where you need to wish for stuff on before the rite of decension so secret 1 time summon ritual

  17. I just started genshin & I….ALREADY HAVE YOIMYA,SAYU,RAZOR,NOELLE & JEAN!!😊& Yoimya was my first 1 pull & first 5 star-skin

  18. I got Sayu in my first pull on that banner 😀 I started like 2 days ago so my first 160 gems went towards that.

  19. There was many mistakes you made
    Hope you learned your lesson today

  20. Me on the last day of the Yoimiya banner: does a one pull turns gold
    Qiqi: your welcome i give u Yoimiya cause i feel bad for u 🙂

  21. Lets goooo Sayuuu c6 but i want Sayu soo bad me and my Big Sister Didnt get Sayuuuuuu!!!!! Sooooo bad!!!!! 🤣😭

  22. And we Didnt get Sayu we Wished all our Primogemes and Its Raidens turns and Sarah and my sister and uncle Got lucky my sister and uncle got raiden shogun but the night my uncle got Amos bow 🙃🙂

  23. Me getting sayu on my first summon after my 5 month break from Genshin, not knowing who the hell she is: 😀

  24. i got her after the test run in 30 pull

  25. 4:40
    i wanted yoimiya and got keqing :/
    at least it's not a jean or mona C1 but still…
    i'm gonna save up for ganyu rerun now her gameplay hypes me
    PS: good luck to everyone pulling

  26. I got yoimiya on a single pull. I have a specific seat in the library, I pull out my first five star (Jean) and wish. My friend was there…she got xinyan and I got yoimiya!

  27. when the people ask how is your luck In the games
    me: I was going for a 4 stars 2 times and the 2 times I got a 5 stars :v

  28. I had this situation:
    I was pulling for Sayu because i really love her, i had 3 pulls
    I pulled my 2 pulls on weapons and then i saw a purple,
    But it turned into gold…!
    It was jean, it isn’t like i didn’t want her, just i need Sayu XD

  29. I want sayu but at tge first pull i got diona and i don't use it

  30. i got yoimiya in a 1-pull by sitting in venti's hands, also got diona..

  31. I got yoimiya, sayu and 2 xinyans from one 10 pulls, and my ritual was just, beidou just standing on the hand of the vision statue. Also with geo travler in the party, also last 5* I got was Klee soooo y know there was such a low chance to get an in banner 5*

  32. wait i got sayu in my first pull and it was a single pull😭

  33. Not me getting annoyed bc I did 3 ten pulls and got one off banner and a c2 Diana😒

  34. i got yoimiya off of a single pull with 20 pity

  35. me being f2p, pulling for sayu and seeing you get her in 1 go made me want to cry, my last pull i got xinyan, i screamed out in terror when i saw her silhouette pop up.

  36. Just got sayu now! Im so excited to use her!

  37. Me: cant even get Diona
    Moga: Stop the Diona’s please oh god

  38. I pulled xiyan and diona GOD PLEASE GIVE ME SAYU ALREADY OR YOMIYA

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