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I Beat Genshin Impact With a Steering Wheel

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Technoblade may have done it first, but that doesn’t stop us. In today’s video, I attempt to play Genshin Impact with a steering wheel…

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  1. Latest Logitech or ThrustMaster GT steering wheel deals with those issues of only L and R. It has directional sticks. Also a PS4 controller.

  2. why do i feel like i have seen this somewhere else HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  3. Xlightzeathx ROBLOX and more! 🍢 🧋 says:

    You have almost the same name as me mine is Anthony Chen

  4. i never new genshin was a car game???


  6. Let's give Mihoyo an idea.. They should be making a Mihoyo Racing Game with all characters from all their games. It's like Crash Bandicoot Racing game but it's Mihoyo. Lol

  7. Can you really see the 'Not Shy' in the wall?

  8. since i havent watch ant from the start so i just realized his Not Shy poster 😀

  9. Watame’s Apostle [5th Apostle of the Roundtable] says:

    Technoblade but Genshin Impact

  10. Now do it with a steering wheel and blindfolded

  11. Technoblade beating Minecraft with a steering wheel with pedals to move forward

  12. He up plugs it and then says oh wow we made it to our destination I would have in plugged it too I can't stop laughing

  13. Okay… no one’s gonna talk about the ITZY poster at the background? 😭

  14. Ah yes….Genshin Impact…

  15. ‘Keqing I love you but, you’ll have to go’
    Nah you won’t survive without me

  16. There’s no way he’s failing his drivers license now

  17. So your a midzy right?? There's a not shy poster or album 😭

  18. When mom took the keyboard and mouse, the smartphone is not able to start the game, but you still have to do daily tasks and today is Sunday and you still have not completed the weekly bosses

  19. I think itto will have a good mate to do dumb things 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Imagine playing it on your fridge 😭

  21. How abt u actually play an actual car game with this so the steering wheel doesn’t go to waste

  22. 。ᗟ e Ԃ Ҫ ล Ӏ e n Ԃ e r 。 says:

    Bro ur literally Technoblade no.2 but better

  23. This guy cares about us a lot I can tell, he can’t even go front or back

  24. I didn’t even know he can play he genshin impact with a steering wheel

  25. Why am I always so focused on the "Not shy" poster on his wall? He's a midzy y'all

  26. did anyone thought of technoblade the first thing when they saw the title 💀

  27. Me looking for myself in the chat be like:

  28. Ah yes technoblade did this almost q year ago with minecraft

  29. This is so funny. I was laughing whole time. Thank you for making me laugh.

  30. I can only move left to right and says

    The gas pedal: -_-

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