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I can’t believe these wishes happened on my F2P Account…

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  1. my god you're so lucky T_T
    I lost 50/50 on both my accounts and only got c0 raiden shogun on my bp welkin account T_T

  2. I’m F2p and I have ganyu and diluc and Amos bow and skyward harp

  3. F2p adventure is the best series in entire YouTube . Love u Atsu

  4. C0 baal is good, c1 baal is copium, c2 baal is OP!

  5. to think that so much drama happened when they release raiden, complaining about how weak she is bla bla. and now she becoming like one of the top tier sub-dps/dps in the abyss. same thing happened to kazuha. genshin fandom should learn to not judging on a new character too early, because OP character are not about damage per screenshot, but more about how one char can actually becoming a game changer in your team. It's not just about big PP damage in this game.

  6. Building pity is a lie we have all tell ourselves every time we pull cause of our gambling addiction but it pays off this time so congrats

  7. Did he get free primos from mihoyo as content creator?

  8. This pains me cus I lose my 50/50 to Mona but hey at least im guaranteed hu tao

    -copium f2p

  9. This level 1 Raiden is better than my level 80 one…

    25 crit rate i cri
    218 ER i cri
    No more than 60k with benny mona combo i cri
    dont even have benny or mona i cri
    gotta ask my brother to lend his benny and mona


  10. this is how my baal pulls went too. i won thé 50/50 and got her c1 on the next 10 pull too PMDAOSOA

  11. I wanted her but lost my 50/50 to Keqing. I don't like Keqing since then.

  12. I’m so sad that the f2p adventure is a whole month behind, I really love this series and I haven’t had much time to stop by the stream during your genshin segments

  13. Hey, are actually 52 years old? Like for real? Is that a real fact? Your not joking isn't? Like really? I refuse to believe…m

  14. And this is a lvl60 weapon and all lvl4 talents imagine his Raiden crowned with lvl90 catch💀

  15. I cant believe this guy is the same age as my dad

  16. She was the first banner I pulled on and lost two 50/50's ;-; atleast my Hu Tao is guaranteed

  17. I have her burst talent crowned and home girl does 53k max with bennett buff 🧍

  18. first pull barbabruh x) (lmao 2 sucroses , the Bell and mona)

  19. are you sure thats f2p coz that is alot of primogems on an f2p account

  20. were do you get your freemogems just asking for my sis

  21. Only thing genshin gave me was depression and a C2 Diluc on Childe's banner….2/3 of the Diluc…s were from Childe's 1st banner and this current one so all ik is pain.

  22. I’m f2p and lost 50/50 to Mona I feel your pain

  23. "we are pulling on raiden showgun banner"
    me: "wait what"

  24. Now thats a rocking start 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. When cc gets mad with just 2 4 stars in 10 pull, mean while I only get 1 every 10 (hard pity for 4 stars)

  26. I already hit 115k on raiden without crowning her yet. She hits hard

  27. You should end the 2x full combo with 3 normal attacks and a charged attack , if you are struggling drop it down to 2 full combos and1 normal attack into a charged attack

  28. some people get 2 raidens back to back, others lose the 50/50 then have to grind 60 wishes in 10 days to get her c0

  29. Good gor you …
    I only get 1 Xiangling from that banner 😀 sad

  30. Why is this so long ago u post this video but the banner is like a month ago

  31. Is this what end game looks like? Content creator makes boring video 😆 🤣

  32. I'm still wondering how he ended up with 32k primos after just two banner skips. Seemed suspicious to me.

  33. how u got so many primos f2p tf

    edit: farmed so much it doesnt even look f2p anymore the amount of primos holy crap

  34. im also f2p, my raiden is pretty good rn, 72-150 crit ratio with 2200 atk and 205er, but srsly with her c3 and englufing lightning she deals x3 times damage which is insane, then i can go for er sands and get 260 er and i can go for elctro cup too, ill have around 2200 atk substats, she will get soo much more insane

  35. just saying electro keqing and mona are really good together. you can get electrocharged

  36. Sacrificial greatsword crying in the corner because he's too big.

  37. I went from C1 Sucrose to C10 on this banner too, so i feel the f2p pain

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