I can't believe this actually worked in Windtrace.. | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

I can’t believe this actually worked in Windtrace.. | Genshin Impact

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Stream highlights compilation, funny & hilarious Genshin Impact memes and clips. Windtrace new event in Genshin Impact. Enviosity showing off the best hiding spots to win in Windtrace.

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  1. the only event that we dont want to end .. lol XD

  2. Lol that Xiao being manipulated had me laughing

  3. Even if I used bennett and sat on the bench I FOOLED 2 PEOPLE

  4. yes the grass moving really helps as a hunter. I just changed my graphic settings to high for windtrace. It helps a lot

    p.s mobile is kinda hard for me but I still enjoy it.

  5. My fav is climbing onto the roof 🤣🤣, hasnt failed yet

  6. Lmao Barbra is so generic looking she might as well be an NPC XD

  7. I just turn into a lamp and glitch through the window at Dawn Winery 😂

  8. I hate being a rebel. My heart can't take it.
    I giggled non stop help.

  9. I feel like one of the cards you can get, "master baiter" might be renamed

  10. I was in a round where the hunter asked where we are due to not finding where me and the other rebels are. I then dropped my disguise and chased them so they could get at least one capture. The hunter (Albedo) ran from me until there were like, 7 seconds left. best round I ever played

  11. This happened to me (I was hunter) and I honestly had to congratulate the albedo main that did it. They were a legend.

  12. Sadly can't enjoy this as much as I did the first time because of my connection. 😶

  13. Meanwhile me on a 72 streak of no dawn winery and kamisato estate AT ALL (I'm not even kidding)

  14. 3:54 Keaya: "Barbara…shall I go over the rules of Windtrace again? Or do you really want to be "close" to me?"

  15. my god Envi, I burst out laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. someone tried the npc spot with shenhe
    Didn’t work lmao I got them immediately

  17. Not gonna lie, I can totally see myself completely missing Barbara in plain sight. I’m not very good at paying attention to details XD

  18. I did the NPC strat but with Diluc, worked for almost the entire round

  19. I refuse to believe people actually fall for that lol they can even see the other players characters wtf

  20. If this was normal hide and seek game it would be harder

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