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I Decided to Whale on F2PGod:

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This was a pretty epic moment on F2Pgod. I am down around 35 pity (was at almost 60 on the weapon banner and now I’m at 25 :S. I don’t want to buy my way to gear as it ruins the fun for me

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  1. Mtashed satisfying his gambling addiction 💀 I really do hope you are mentally healthy


  3. Alternative option was to just refresh resin with the genesis and welkin primos, make the resin rocks, feed it into 3 stars then delete them

  4. I feel like an slowly watching this man go insane

  5. feel sad for you brother 💝…
    but you're amazing
    I've never spent a single penny on any game till now but I was thinking to buy the pass for genshin but I might not now ❣️
    love you brother you're amazing

  6. I respect mtashed for staying true to himself. Whatever makes u happy

  7. Ahh yes, tashman multiple personalities since the good ol D2 days

  8. I gave up long time but I still love your content keep it up👍

  9. Personally whaling isn't bad,the problem is that most of the genshin community is f2p and most of the f2p players are students at school,high school or college.

  10. I just drew a Staff of Homa for 70 wishes. First time wishing on a weapon banner since the first launch of the game. Only wished on Character Banners from the very beginning. Woooooo!!!!!

  11. You can do whatever makes you happy it's literally just a game and you're supposed to have fun.

  12. Teccy be like: "Dread it, run from it Destiny arrives all the same, and where did it lead u? Back to me"

  13. I feel like most of these comments doesn't went through the whole video… Kinda sad

  14. got us in the first half holy shit my respect for u mtashed has never changed

  15. This man did a commentary AND a bamboozle !!
    Madlad through and through

  16. This dude needs to stop overthinking shit and just do what he wants

  17. "I don't want to buy my way to gear."

    Easy to say when you're already so obscenely lucky you might as well be a whale anyway. What other F2P player has a Ganyu with an R3 Amos Bow? You've never accurately represented the F2P experience, and you never will.

  18. But I’m not gona pay for it after he spends 100$. Mmkay

  19. Elegy and staff of homa is gone they say you are but you are not fine (background music ) damm it hurts me to watch staff of homa and elegy gon just like that😞😞

  20. Mtashed chat kinda force him to pull NGL it's not cool I bet they are cool people but they kinda support his gacha addiction

  21. Man… that waste of 5* is something pain in my heart, but atleast u got good content out of it 🙂

  22. the respect I lost for you, was lost even further after you wasted 2 5 stars

  23. Y? You were supposed to share our F2Pain…..guess it's finally time for you to start a new account and relate to a usual F2P

  24. Tash. dont listen to these clowns. you do you okay? love your content man

  25. Shouldn't he change his name to whalegod now? 🤔

  26. Anything that makes you happy man… What keeps me entertained is watching you have fun

  27. Personally i don't give a duck, i Just wanna enjoy your videos and chill those times i'm following the live

  28. This dude really just spend $100 just to trick us. This video hurt more to watch then the tectone vid where he fed in skyward weapons.

  29. All filler and no content makes Mtashed go something, something…

  30. Just want to say love your content. Don't let people decide what you do. Still it was painful to watch all those 5 stars and 4 stars getting destroyed

  31. (F2p is better cause you earn everything ). People who work and spend money in the game .really? You don't have to earn money as well . We all wanna play fun games why's it matter if someone spends are not

  32. Rofl seeing a staff of homa go into a grey weapon.

  33. I'd give you a hug if I could cause I know how stressing and conflicting the situation must be

  34. Mi ho yo fix the 5 star weapons using it to upgrade 1star disable the 5 star weapon enhancement

  35. Edit: Holy shit… you guys need to watch the whole video or you are missing major information LOL
    Did this hurt to watch? It hurt to do LOL.
    I am now down around 35 wishes of pity on the weapon banner, so I think we are pretty even overall. I feel a lot better going forward on my accout now

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