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The newest Archon Quest in Inazuma for the 2.0 Genshin Impact update starts to get serious as the Electro Archon makes her appearance. Watch as things unfold in an unpredictable manner.

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  1. we're so fucked up if mihoyo decide there is silence (skills) mechanism on the game. means zhongli is not god mode anymore.

  2. When i said the traveller teleport i thought:
    Why can' t we do this in gameplay
    The E skill could be like a dash but it deals dmg all the way through the skill

  3. "Mihoyo is really getting good with their cutscenes" someone forgot about the whole fight on the jade chamber and being saved by xiao. Genshin never took shortcuts like 90% of anime when it came to animation.

  4. From the moment i saw kokomi i know ill be pulling for her

  5. i liked how envi turn off chat when raiden appears because he knows what chat will type

  6. twitch chat is toxic, never ending spoilers smh

  7. I am surprised you didn't make any video on Ayaka's side story. To me it felt like one of the most beautifully crafted side story in video games. No matter how small a story it was or how little combat there was to it, it still made me feel connected to the characters and wish all of that were real! When she started dancing, I started to feel those FFX vibes all over again after all these years! Waifu or no, Ayaka felt more realistic and relatable to life than many other anime/game characters. An unforgettable and wholesome experience

  8. Baal: yoriki tenkai…
    Envi: what is this a domain expansion of jujutsu kaisen
    Me:i wonder how cool zhongli's would be..

  9. Hol up…

    In the final moments of the Raiden boss fight, it mentions that divine punishment will be administered.

    Does that mean that the fight we had, including the cutscene where the Traveller gets struck down apart of the misou no hitotachi? Because if so, that means that we survived it.

    We didn’t die on impact, only knocked unconscious. Baal was the one who was going to finish us off if not for Thoma. ( who is an absolute madlad btw. )

    Which could also explain why Sara said that the traveller is important to Raiden in the stand-off with the resistance, because we’re the only person that survived that lightning shock without being killed instantly. This could also explain the “next time I will strike twice.” line as well.

    Hmmmmmm….. it’s just speculation, but it adds up.

  10. The resistance is tougher than they look. Their main camp is literally being bombarded by rain and thunderstorms 24/7 and they can still stand guard like that. Setting aside the rain and how that'd affect morale and infection rates, those lightning strikes are basically artillery barrages. I got hit 3 times already by the lightning during cutscenes.

    Badass mfs standing.out in the rain while the Shogun sends lightning artillery to fuck with them

  11. While I was doing that archery one the dummies kept getting struck by lightning which kept making me fail lmao

  12. Love how everyone in chat was so surprised by some soldiers calling Teppei "senpai" when literally all that means is that he's been in the resistance longer lmao

  13. Near the Kujou encampment on Tatarasuna island, you can see what appears to be cannons mounted on pivots. That makes me wonder if the Shogunate will be using those cannons. All I know is…

    The Guizhong Ballista looks kinda outdated compared to Inazuman cannon

  14. Glad the storm in my place already gone.. now I can continue story and meet Gorou without thinking about getting strikes by lightning..

  15. Ayaka: “He’s my friend!”
    Me: Yuh, “friend”… 👀
    still crying Thoma and Ayaka are not fiances after all

  16. Thank you for the spoiler ⚠️ I will be coming back to this soon my friend

  17. Kokomi be like:
    Raiden don't take our visions
    I will give you cola

  18. * Thoma, Traveler, and Paimon walk 2 meters away *

    Baal: * Pikachu surprised face *

  19. Enviosity : the vision hunt decree ends right after a while
    Baal : thats the neat part , it doesn't 😂😂😂😂

  20. Yoo that thunder strike tho…..Baal does strike twice.

  21. Why did she have to be a polearm im very sadge

  22. they really added valorant kay-o's ability suppression to this game lmfaoo

  23. So uh when's the next Archon quest I WANT MORE

  24. Envy: Wait she is immune to electric????
    Electro Archon: Am I a Joke To You? Die!

  25. Me: uses Pryo hu tao
    Baal: takes away her e and q
    Me: ig I am a physical hu tao main now

  26. In case you didnt know, lightning strikes sometimes generate elemental particles for your team to pick up.

  27. I've always thought that the resistence and the Shogun are a reference to the Takeda vs Oda battle firstly because of the colors of the armor and second because it happens in a beach
    Hopefully the resistence wins unlike the Takeda army

  28. I'd say it's more like a reality marble bc domain expansions are 1 shots while you can actually fight back in a reality marble

  29. LOL why is it so hard for some ppl? She does nothing to my ZhongLi, Electro MC, Qiqi, Eula team, just need 1 Eula ulti to force her use the silent skill,then Qiqi can heal even E & Q are locked 🤭

  30. Teppei is sus. I have a strong feeling that he's the double agent.

  31. Now I know why the fatui makes delusions if archons can just turn off visions

  32. Honestly there was one down side to the story. I wish they gave us the choice to either support the resistance, be neutral, or stand by the shogun.
    If they gave us this choice, the story would have been much better.

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