I farmed for ITTO and THIS happened! Genshin Impact 2.3 - facenetgame.com

I farmed for ITTO and THIS happened! Genshin Impact 2.3

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  1. That big hillichurl just keep getting spawn killed.

  2. i got Geo damage Husk goblet with every roll into crit rate/damage from my first run… im not kidding i was so happy

  3. Looks like I'm the only one having bad luck T.T

  4. The new domain’s drop stinky for me as well 😶‍🌫️

  5. I don t understand, who is below the table servicing Mr streamer during this vid ?

  6. Kequig n Rosaria are so good for this domain
    No healer needed
    They won't even touch u

  7. When you get a dmg bonus artifact but the wrong element be like

  8. As a small spender and only has 3/5 artifacts done for most of my main char, this fking domain sucks hahaha

  9. He makes those doggos look so easy to beat 🙂 ..

  10. So far got myself DEF sands with 9% crit rate and 20% crit dmg, 4 more artifacts to go and i'm ready for Itto

  11. "Do we have a healer that scales off of defense?" uncontrollably sobbing Noelle noises

  12. *Anytime I see an AD that isn't Raid Shadow Legends"

    Me: Yes…I can indeed support this.

  13. I feel that thenha should make qiqi showcase it would me amazing and qiqi its strong

  14. this domain is my favorite, i already got geo goblet with good crit rate and crdmg substats, crit damage circlet with crit sub stats, feather, def timepiece and a flower, i'm definitely ready for itto now.

  15. I got a bunch of stuff for koko, sadly its not dropping hp sands for some reason lol
    I had to make due, sacked my hydro cup for a hp cup(till i get the sands i need) she got like 43k hp,
    At skill lvl 8, her “e” alone procs 15k passive dmg, lit drop the “e” & stand next to jelly fish & do nothing. If i pop ult and go ham it does 20k to 30k passive dmg, i hear with super conduct i can pass that.

  16. The wolves are practically always grouped up, so using Childe against them is super satisfying

  17. someone count how many time Tenha Said " Ah " OH " UH " AHH " UAhh " UFF " and oh shit

  18. There is no way the sponsor of this video has 700 mil players world wide. Thats 10% of the population and genshin impact has around 10 million players

  19. Qi Qi Qi Qi Showcase!!! That feather was cracked plz do a qiqi showcase mr Tenha

  20. I’m farming for kokomi but i only got atk% with crit rate n crit dam
    Like why?why now??? In this domain where the bad one is actually usefull

  21. I always get a good piece per week to be true 🙂.

  22. It’s so funny that how many time he messed up while talking about crit rate and damage

  23. I hate being out here get good rolls on the artifacts and it feeds into the bad ones it's one thing to not give me a good one it's another one to get my hopes up before breaking me down

  24. When we are hoping for defense but usually not

  25. No luck with Albedo artifacts, however full hp% healing bonus flat hp energy recharge set on Kokomi set so no complaints =)
    Worth to mention that Kokomi + Albedo works great as off field damage duo, providing healing and continuous shields from crystalize

  26. I'm one of your new subscribers . Love from Bangladesh

  27. still not farming for this one
    i can see this domain is good for kkomi artifact farm :")

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