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Get your limited-time Moga-chan here:

Today in Genshin Impact we’re summoning on the standard banner with the saved-up Acquaint Fates we’ve acquired.

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  1. I've been waiting actually for a character that will be Claymore HP Base for Bell

  2. I want Moga to make a whole Video about getting C6 Amber or pulling on standard, if not we cri

  3. looks cute but
    i cant get one quq

  4. kinda sad that i have c6 amber and shes my only c6 character… this is what happens when you whale on the wrong banner during 1.0 alot of c5 and c4 characters… kaeya, lisa, from the standard banner, although i did get jean c1 and diluc c2 havent whaled since xiao cause xiao is daddy

  5. me pulling for klee got a five star is JEAN

  6. I knew you would do this i was so confused you raised so many character and not using the summons now this is what I've been waiting for lmao cute plushie btw AWWW

  7. Me who got my Keqing in the standard banner 😭,TBH I would prefer any 5star weapon this later into the game

  8. i want the moga chan plushie but my mom wont let me buy it

  9. Give me those amber luck pls😭 i love amber😭

  10. Oh yeah u definitely gonna get flack about u hating diluc 😒
    He is a god and will b respected moga

  11. Moga really asked for a nice round 50 but then left a nice not so round 25001 primos so sad dont know if someone pointed that out but its pretty sad. 🙁

    Edit: Made the one look weird

  12. Already looking forward to that C6 Amber showcase, Moga.

  13. "I keep forgetting about these free items being given out"

    Whale problems, I swear…

  14. I got ayaka , Jean and yanfei in 2nd 10 pull happiest summon ever.

  15. him getting diluc when he doesn't even use him and me literally begging for one. mihoyo wtf

  16. I have been watching everyone getting rust in a couple of days and I am getting salty I want it for my Yoimiya ;-;

  17. i agree with you. diluc is a stupid sheep and the people who like him probably like kaeluc.

  18. Pretend mihoyo does something to the standard banner on their anniversary and u spent alot here

  19. Broo i was watching ur vid then felt like pulling in standard too so i did 10 pulls n i got an amber cons n also my first keqing at 50 pulls

  20. Got Jean on another person's world in a single pull today. Try summoning on bone's world. Maybe her world is so much lucky.

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