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i found a really rare genshin impact account

GratisStatus? I haven’t heard that name in years
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I stutter a lot 🡲
tollow the fitter aswell! 🡲
and discord for the chatters 🡲

found a very rare species of genshin impact player. the people who play who they want because they love the characters themselves and not for sweaty drippy gamer big numbers…


  1. My aloy just have art of the brave but she hit 3k on ult and around 2k below on her e

  2. Bro don’t I already saw a Lisa showcase and built her 🙁

  3. 2:21 no he doesnt. no one has actually. when will we get some? nobody knows. maybe when cyberpunk horizon forbidden west releases

  4. I think im the ratest type of a genshin player, who mained at some point and has fully build aloy, amber, xinyan and barbara.

  5. I was so excited, I got her and automatically got her up to lvl 80

  6. bro, notsupermannn (maybe the lost son of tony to) hit 1 million with aloy

  7. Aloy is a disrespect to Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, from the character design to het kid. Mihoyo should feel embarrassed about it and never bring others if they are going to be this barbarian.

  8. There should be an alliance between mains of “bad” characters

  9. I can easily hit a 100k with Lvl 70/80 Aloy. Reverse melt of course.

    Supports: Sucrose, Bennet, Mona. 🙂

  10. imagine building Aloy and she go expired after 365 days….

  11. If you look at her background when in the character menu for characters you have, you can see the background is different from four and five stars, which means she's either a secret six star or a three star

  12. I try to use her as much as I can I just like her Viking vibes, I thinks she’s cute, I just have her “casually built” (barely) but she’s still fun to use

  13. "when are we gonna get guns in genshin impact?" i think your looking for honkai impact 3

  14. 1:01 Anyone else triggered he used the 'Adventurer's Experience' (5000EXP) to level up his character when he only needed 175 EXP?

  15. Maybe…I don’t need ganyu….

  16. damm she so bad even with kazuha and bennt and 2 pyro in the taem😔

  17. GratisStatus? I haven't heard that name in years says:

    Who's Kisma?

    Kiss my ass goodbye until the next blue moon when I feel like uploading..

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