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I have REALLY Bad News About Genshin Impact’s Anniversary

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Genshin Impact’s 1 Year Anniversary is officially a dud. The server reset and it doesn’t appear we got anything new and excited to enjoy. This is a major let down for Genshin Impact fans.


  1. The best part was when the Traveler told the NPC for the festival that this was basically just a daily commission lol

  2. Im mad, might as well play the raid shadow kingdom

  3. not to mention even if you spend all your daily resins on an artifact domain for a month straight the drops are still trash

    farming at this rate just doesn't feel so rewarding with so little resin, so many characters and bad rng

    ive been farming emblem since yoimiyas banner and raiden's still stuck with a 19% crit rate

  4. wait, so you think mihoyo want YOU the player for PLAY MORE? no, they want YOU to PAY MORE, coz they're the game COMPANY!!!

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Its so frustrating knowing the anniversary is a trash. Well if you play CODM theirs is amazing might take few grinding but man i appreciate CODM

  6. Maybe 10k primos on the promo code this comming livestream

  7. maybe the final boss of genshin is mihoyo – we must defeat all employee is hand to hand combat for a 4 star constellation

  8. Mihoyo anniversity: open your wallets peasents!🤹🏻‍♂️🤡💩 Mihoyo even removed "change signature" To stop People hating them.

  9. wait i still have hope, what do we use Moonchase charms for ?? I haven't found any in-game use because I just started the event, it's just in my inventory. Maybe there's some special use for it?

  10. Hey i got my 1st Qiqi this week, and i loved it 😋

  11. Dragalia having anniversary rn giving a total of 500 free summons

  12. Played genshin since launch, used to enjoy it and now to even try entering the game daily is a chore. From fun, it becomes tiring/repetitive. i'd played so many gacha games, genshin is 1 of the worse in terms of anniv rewards (more like NO rewards at all wtf). Very dissapointed. I'm very sure a lot of us do send these problematic feedbacks to their surveys but i guess genshin doesn't even bother to check their audience feedback with the amt of profit they're getting. I ply tears of themis and their team is SO MUCH better, they gave good amt of rewards, nice events. Screw genshin im stopping my welkin and bp purchase, they dont deserve this anymore.

  13. So… how many of you are going F2P or quitting soon?

  14. Can't wait to get my 8th the bell

  15. At this point Mihoyo is far up their ass that they think people are gonna spend anyway even if they put out a shit character or rewards a.k.a anniversary and Kokomi. I personally have had too much of it at this point and I am just gonna stop buying the BP and maybe welkin moon in like 2 more months once I get Hu Tao or Ganyu. The Klee event was better than this in 1.6

  16. I really enjoyed the new event, the exploration is what got me into genshin, but the anniversary rewards are a joke to the players, I really am disappointed on the rewards.

  17. Cant wait to see people harrasing mihoyo employee during 2.2 livestream. I know it’s wrong but i know people will harrass them much worse than 2.0 livestream

  18. The anniversary rewards are really telling… it feels like a slap in the face the amount of time and money I’ve spent i just feel really disrespected and it makes me not want to play anymore I think they really messed up because most people I talk to also feel this way…

  19. Yeah sht on genshin by promoting a game while shting on genshin they don't have feelings don't worry

  20. As a marketing graduate it puzzles me that Mihoyo would be making these kinds of decisions from a business perspective.
    Most companies would be promoting their game through the roof for any anniversary. There would be ads everywhere advertising all the benefits of playing the game during the anniversary where you get a ton of goodies. The point of marketing is to attract new customers. Potential newcomers aren't going to know anything about the community competitions or want to participate because THEY DON'T CARE. They're newcomers, not the players who have been around for months or the full year. And with all this bad press, Mihoyo is ruining their reputation to anyone who hears about it and thinks 'Hmm I've been hearing bad things bout this game, I'll probably pass'. Mihoyo hasn't even addressed the backlash which only makes it worse. They're not marketing to attract new players and they're not catering to the current ones so what the heck are they doing? Are they not aware of the marketing opportunities a grand celebration of the anniversary would bring, or are they that well off that they don't care about attracting new players let alone acknowledging their current ones?

  21. At least it is not the lantern rite where they have way too much useless dialogue.

  22. Low-key it's to the point where I don't really play genshin now and I'm heading towards honkai for good.

  23. tbh, the rewards for returning players are way wayyy wayyyy better!!!! my world is exhausted, I AM EXHAUSTED with this game. with the new characters being a disappointment so as the rewards, and the rage from the community that i am seeing. maybe i should quit already. it's not getting more fun every update and a lot of players that i know feels the same way as i am. it is making me very sad quitting a game that i love most but it would only make me more and more frustrated and disappointed each day that i play. i've played the game since day one and i won't be playing from here on.

  24. The only thing i feel now about this game is DISAPPOINTMENT . I don't know myself how long i can bear it …i still can't believe how greedy n stingy a billion dollar company can be 😒
    Awfully disgusting and disappointing 😑

  25. its like mihoyo creating a new game and dont care for genshin anymore which is sad

  26. Played since Tartaglia banner. Burned out alrady once for almost half of a year with few comebacks… back for inadzuma and still no endgame not even plans for any endgame content. It was fun 2 weeks exploring indzuma but i wanna play this game more. Not for stupide comissions. Abyss was at list some fun befor i start facerolliing it.
    At list i woud get somthing memorable on universary i thought……… 5* is too crasy for Mihoyo, but not even a set/pet? Pet from Lost Riches event or w/e it named in english more memorable then univversary rewards… i think i am done with game.

  27. Mihoyo on their previous game aka honkau made progressive aniversary reward bassicaly the first sucked but the more we got the better the reward got so yeah maybe aniversary two will be better

  28. Been grinding just to get stronger just to kill basic mobs a fraction faster

  29. Though I wonder, does this happen due to the recent Chinese Online Gaming Restriction Policy? Standing from the point of view of Mihoyo, I really understand how the company feels and I also sympathize with all players coming from all community.

  30. Yo Genshin is only thinking how much 1 wish is worth in dollar!
    So 100 of million with 10 pull they find it big money because, imagine they gave 20 pull, for them its like yeah that's 1 wellmoon down.

  31. i spent over 500$ of my pocket money and i am hugely dissapointed so imma quit genshin.

  32. I don’t want to quit to genshin but it’s different from before. I used to enjoy playing it for hours everyday rather than playing other games, but now it’s just plain boring. U open your genshin, do daily’s, spend resin and that’s it. I was looking forward to the anniversary. I actually stayed positive that they just decided to hide the juicy rewards in order to surprise us maybe I’m just delusional but I’m just disappointed.

  33. try starting a new account and Do the whole thing again. so this time, lets see if you can make a better team and characters

  34. man i really wish theyd do a free 5 star char from standard because i really want a diluc huhu

  35. I'm going F2P now. I know I'm not making any impact since I just buy the welkin but I don't feel like giving to Mihoyo a single cent anymore. I'm not quitting, I'm just spending my money on other things who will value my money regardless how little it is.

  36. I woke up this morning thinking maybe. Just maybe they'll surprise me. But this is just so sad dude

  37. Do a reaction on the "fanart" people made for the contest on hoyolab, the whole thing is a shitpost to get back on Mihoyo, i love it

  38. I really like this guy. But the negativity that builds I gotta 🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🏾

  39. Would You Like to Restore The Papal States? says:

    Embrace the lore, it'll ease the pain.
    *Remember Inazuma Act 3 exists

  40. "Beauty means nothing if wielder has no taste" Fit for Mihiyo itself now

  41. To be fair, this event is actually fun. But it's just regular content, not a celebration gift…..

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