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I just wanted a single Ningguang… (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re summoning again on the Tartaglia banner, trying to get one Ningguang… It doesn’t go well.

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  1. I got my C6 Ningguang today
    In the weapon banner
    0 rust still after over 180 pulls (saving since raiden)
    0 Polar Star
    1 Memory of Pain
    1 Pain-modial Jade

  2. me: i want yanfei constellations and chongyun constellations
    mihoyo: Did you mean “Childe” or “Ningguang”?

  3. I got a random tartaglia on a 1 pull on a 57 pity. I was screen sharing in discord and i was so shocked like wth

  4. same issue as me in ayaka banner

    40 wishes
    before wish: C2 CHONGYUN, C5 NINGGUANG
    after wish: C5 ningguang, C motherfkin 6 CHONGYUN
    plus I lost 50/50 to jean

  5. I personally wanted 1 yanfei and i Got c1 Tartaglia :')

  6. Hey Moga. i think based on experience and having to partially confirm this by watching summon videos that if 2 out of the 3 four stars appeared in your summons, the 3rd four star will pretty much be the 1st four star to appear if you summon the day after. so, basically after getting the the 2 fourstars (especially the 3rd 4star is also one of those two), just wait for tomorrow and it will appear.

    comment down if this is true for you also or not. This is true for me for all (3) banners that I wished.

    the 3rd fourstar will appear only on the same day if you wish too hard like this and mtashed wishing videotrying to get diona in another persons account. That's why I choose to wish the next day coz I don't have much primos hehe

  7. F2ps looking at moga's 23,000+ primogems: ( ■ _ ▪ )

  8. I got my c4 chongyun from this banner alone XDD

  9. Me: i want yanfei
    Mihoyo: sorry but yanfei stacks are out here is ningguang

  10. I don’t like he cause I keep getting her and I’m sick or her face

  11. i mean i did not get a single ningguang in 150 summons all i got was 6 chongyuns and yes he is c5 now and im still not gonna build him

  12. Yea, I’ve. Been playing since day 1, I event got C1 childe on his first banner in 1.1 where ningguang was on it and didn’t get a single copy. I finally got her tho during this banner in 2.2 after over a year and 1300$. Got her finally c0 – c6 going for constellations on childe lol.

  13. I got c6 ningguang but i sont use her lmao

  14. You have something fault with 4 stars character

  15. Lost the last 50/50, and am at soft pity but I don't want any of the upcoming banners 5 stars. Guess I'm also skipping Thoma for now because I wanted my c4 yanfei shield so badly rip

  16. The desire sensor theory is true. I lost the 50/50 for Kazuha got a Jean instead.

  17. Fun fact: I rolled on the banner while watching you to get a ninnguang XD

  18. god it'd be so funny if he got a ningguang on hu tao's banner

  19. This has happened to me twice in the last two banners. For Xingqui, I need 1 more for c6 and I lost my pity, I got kokomi, and I had this problem again last week, I need 1 ninguang for c6 and I'm at pity 32, but I got her in pity 70+.

  20. 4:23
    oh so that's why i got childe when I was on 12 pity
    I just want to build pity in peace. first kokomi now him
    this game will not give me the characters I want

  21. me: waiting for a sayu rerun
    the game: i will be in 342435243624765 years
    you lost the pity: dzftgwertdhgfdghdfg

  22. You want Nigguang? You can have one of my four.
    Mihoyo give me Yanfei I need a lawyer.

  23. lmao so i did a ten pull with my hard earned primos the other day and got only weapons… it rlly sucked

    so then i did a single pull for no reason but to get a little more starglitter


  24. Me:Wanted 4 ningguangs for cons
    Mihoyo:5 yanfei take it or leave it

  25. This is me
    I just don't have the "bonus primogems" that you found accidentally
    So I got c0 for all these characters and bailed all in like 40 pulls
    I'm at like 10 pity now I'm gonna cry if I lose hu tao 5050

  26. yeah looking at this NOW Im thankful I pulled so much on Ayaka's banner to get C5 Ningguang, and buying her from the shop was an easy C6…no need to risk getting Childe to do so

  27. I've never gotten a ningguang too, I have her because I chose her during the Liyue festival…



  29. I'm pulling on the scam weapon banner trying to get Memory of Dust. Lost 50/50 twice already got 2 Polar star with only 6 days left… PAIN!

  30. Meanwhile, I have a C0 Noelle but a C5 Ningguang just from my pulls lol

  31. i swear gacha games do i have a desire sensor or something. when I was wishing for yoimiya, i had used all of my primos, and then I had to go into my stardust and starglitter, and it was on my VERY LAST PULL that I GENUINELY BELIEVED i wasn't getting her, and then it turned gold (it was a guarantee)

  32. I had the same thing on Kazuhas banner. Couldnt get c0 Bennett but got 6 Razor

  33. lol DUDE this video is brutal but the extremely risky summons sure are fun to watch

  34. Then there’s me who got 2 ningguangs in one 10 pull. Wasn’t even pulling for her.

  35. Your luck is incredible yet absolutely awful for you

  36. i feel like that gatcha stigma of wanting something and never getting it is true bc i’ve wanted razor ever since i got the game and never pulled him. i had to buy him at the store LOL

  37. me: does a 10 pull so i can get a yanfei
    mihoyo: “you spelled childe and chongyun wrong”

  38. I can actually relate with this one. As a ning main, it is painful not getting even 1 ning on a rate up banner on her. 3 cons more to go

  39. This.

    Before I took a break from the game, the one character I really wanted was Ningguang, and even on the banner she was one of the featured 4 stars in, I couldn't get her.

    Came back to the game for a mix of reasons, learnt that Ningguang was on this banner, have dumped every primo the game is allowing me to earn into it and I've gotten 2 Yanfei's and a 4 star weapon.

    I swear that Mihoyo have secretly nerfed Ningguang's rates in comparison to the other characters.

  40. moga : ok 1 ningguang pls
    mihoyo : no, keep pullin ..
    after meh 5* comin
    moga : hey how about another 5* for early pull so i-
    mihoyo : here, take your 1 ningguang 👍

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