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I just wanted a single Ningguang… (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re summoning again on the Tartaglia banner, trying to get one Ningguang… It doesn’t go well.

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  1. I keep getting ninguang and I don't use her 🤷‍♀️ I think I've gotten 3 back to back and they were all early I just want yanfei 🙁

  2. i pulled for Ningguang on both Ayaka and Childe's banner, I got C7 yanfei and c1 chongyun, goodamn it

  3. I actually got her on my first single pull ever in the game a couple months ago. I feel lucky

  4. 120 wishes c1 jean c0 childe c0 diluc c6 chongyun c6 yanfei and still no ningguang😍

  5. I can relate, I wanted chongyun so I 10 rolled for him(btw I had only 6 rolls from another banner) and I got Chongyun but I also got childe. Now I don't have 100% Hu Tao and I'm scared I might lose 50/50, I'm stressed. My f2p luck is very trash

  6. I got Diluc and c2 Ayaka while trying to get a singular Ningguang on Ayakas banner LOL.
    Made the same mistake with Rosaria on Childes first rerun except I’m really glad I got him since he’s really fun, and I’m planning to do the same on Hu Taos banner for Thoma, although this time I want Hu Tao. Which, of course, means I’ll probably not get her

  7. That video represents me SO MUCH. I didn't have any Yanfei constelations before this banner and I innocently thought wishing for Ningguang was a good idea. Now I have a C5 Yanfei, a C3 Chongyun, TARTAGLIA. Guess waht, I didn't manage to pull a single Ningguang. I'm devastated.

  8. iam saveing for hutao really long time and i was on pity 32 like you but i need some sturdust than i opened only 4 wish and i lost mi guaranted pity for her and get childe c1 🙁 now i must win 50/50 to get her please guys wish me luck to get her iam the biggest fun of hutao please

  9. i got 2 ningguang on standard banner lol
    kuckiest ive ever been in genshin

  10. Mihoyo hates me too. during the ayaka banner I would only get chongyun in the character banner and the standard banner.

  11. Never seen someone saying "nooooo" over a 5 star. Moga lives in another universe.

  12. I want Yanfei
    Mihoyo: did you mean 50 chongyuns?

  13. U wanted a ningguang but i get her every banner atleast 10 times I dont want any more ningguangs 😭

  14. I spent 40 wishes on the Ayaka banner because I wanted ningguang unlocked. Got ayaka instead at 45 pity. Now I can't survive without her.

  15. The fact that all my 4 star wishes are ningguang and mine is lvl 1 and I don’t use her is just sad

  16. ok ok just anadvice you can belive in it or not . when ever i wish for someone or something i always wish for the opposite and i make my mind think i acttually want the other character and it works 5 % of the time 🙂

  17. Me: pulling for Ningguang
    Mihoyo: did you say c3 chongyun?

  18. Me: Hello mihoyo, ningguang and yanfei please!
    Mihoyo: did you say Ayaka and chongyun??

  19. I just wanted Ningguang my waifu but no they gave me c2 yanfei like f*ing hell🥲🥲

  20. I pulled 75 wishes on Kokomi's banner looking for one single Xingqiu… he never came home

  21. He just wanted one Ningguang. This is actually terrible. 😩

  22. is no one going to talk about that wheeze at the end of the video?

  23. my f2p cousin is laughing with her c6 ningguang
    she also came home an eighth time

  24. ok you where right moga your luck was bad this video but you are so good at this game

  25. I never thought that someone would be scared to get a 5*

  26. bruh they might as well just make Ningguang a five star if shes that rare. 🤔🤨

  27. just buys 24k primos like nothing. i gotta play like 3 months for that 😭 ridiculous how much money you can make with just playing games. unfair

  28. Dude, I was 20 wishes deep, 70 from pity. My first 10 pull won me the 50/50 that I didn't want and I got Tartaglia. (I like him, but my friend mains him and my friend missed him BOTH times, so I prayed my friend got him as well. Which he did, thank God.). But 90 wishes later, NOT A SINGLE FUCKING NINGGUANG!!! 3 CHONGYUNS, 4 YANFEIS (SHE'S C8 NOW), and a few other 4 stars that I didn't want. LIKE HOW!?

  29. Meanwhile I get a c1 childe and a c2 ningguan while wishing for yanfei

  30. I swear they gave me ningguang when I wanted yanfei

  31. I always ask for Barbara when there's a particular 4 star I want on the banner. So far only have a C2 Barbara – been playing since the beginning every day.

  32. This happened to me when wishing for sayu no sayu but I got early yoimiya and then diluc straight after her but luckily I've grown to love her and diluc gave me a guaranteed raiden so it workout fine

  33. Me: give me yanfei please

    Mihoyo: you mean c3 ninnguang?

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