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I LOVE ITTO SO MUCH | Genshin Impact

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Hey! Sorry for the lack of videos. I’ve been going through something, and I decided to move back home to New Jersey. It’s been an adjustment, but it’s getting easier. I plan on getting caught up on my backlog as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy ❤️Itto❤️

Also, sorry for the audio issues. Got a new mic to use for now, and the settings were wrong.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 🗝


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  1. Im glad to see you back with GI, after you didn't do any of the recent events I was worried you got bored of Genshin, I hope your able to catch up on those events on youtube, as frankly they were great. Some crazy stuff was revealed about albedo in his event, and some wild reveals happened with the cooking event too.

  2. Ur so lucky!!!!
    I always lose 50 50 and and it's never early always 75+pulls lol hope my lucky gets better in 2022

  3. I was streaming my wish session with my friends in discord, had 39 wishes available, 36th got Itto, then the rest in the weapon banner, got his weapon on the last pull, we were screaming! Anyways, he's my new main now lol

  4. Bruh I lost my 50/50 and got my first 5 star as Diluc

  5. u need to charge attack when his oni is fully charged

  6. Nooo not mona she haunts me" I FEEL YOU I also dont use her and have her c4 now my pain

  7. Thank you so much for your playthrough! Love your videos. I usually watch your Genshin vids but I am happy that you play the game at your own pace. You have such a positive and healthy relationship with the game and it makes it so fun to see you genuinely enjoy what you're doing. Hope you have a great day!

  8. A glad they've uped their story writing game with the albedo event and itto’s quest again.

    Not saying that it's been bad, but inazuma part 2 and Kokomi definitely was on the weaker side when it comes to story telling.

    Especially since they followed after Inazuma part 1, which is in my opinion one of the best in terms of tension build up, pacing and information.

    Probably also the reason why part 2 + Kokomi’s quest felt extra disappointing. I don't think I would've been as bothered with these if Inazuma part 1 didn't get me as excited and riled up as it did.

  9. Mihoyo seems to like you, that's why you were so luckly. The last time Mihoyo even commented on your channel

  10. Itto's voice actor also voiced Luxu ya know 😀

  11. takuya's design is also dope for me..i hope there will be a playable blue oni character.

  12. Awesome reaction! Itto is a great character with a lot of charisma. Btw you can stop all the lightning strikes in that area by completing the Seirai Stormchasers quest.

  13. ad astra abyssosque to the stars and abysses that’s what it means

  14. I also heard from a friend if you pull tons of 4 stars you don’t lose the 50/50

  15. Itto: Beeeeaaaans NO! I cannot survive another trip to Taco Bell or my butt will implode!!! GIT THOSE BEANS AWAY FROM MEEEE!

  16. During the crumbling domain scene:

    Takuya, in Kim K voice, talking about himself: it’s what she deserves

  17. I love how I play more genshin then her but she is so much richer and luckier, and she even played a whole year before me 😢

  18. Just found ur channel. Love the vibe. Add extra apple sauce! Itto supremacy!

  19. Good luck for you guys pulling for itto

    I got gouro and itto in 10 pulls

  20. blue oni: why you are a 5-star and i am a npc (T_T) …

  21. This same thing happened to me! I lost the 50/50 (to Diluc) but got Itto in less than 10 pulls later. Crazy RNG.

  22. I just wanna see your endwalker reaction video!!!

  23. I think you added the wrong video to your genshin playlist

  24. When you keep going around the like blue Billboards but you can actually hit them I don't think Sarah Actually knows you can hit them lol

  25. I got itto sadly when I wanted to lose and get keqing so now I’m sad bc I can’t get xiao or zhongli

  26. Sarah, watch the Genshin 2.4 update stream!!! I got so excited when I saw it. Would love to see your reaction to it

  27. Now I can’t unhear Kathryn say “Ad extra apple sauce” 😂

  28. Everyone needs to scream once in a while for the fun of it!

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  30. Sarah saying she have bad luck her later gets 2 5 stars

  31. at this rate, we're not seeing the end of Xenoblade until 2023 😂

    Nier is probably dead as well 😵


  33. Boi got a geo vision bc he’s got rocks for brains. 🙏

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