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I LOVE The Cycle: Frontier and you should too

Mr. Fruit
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The Cycle: Frontier is the reimagining of The Cycle – a previous PvEvP Battle Royale-like game that’s now become something much more similar to Escape from Tarkov.
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I LOVE The Cycle: Frontier and you should too


  1. Love your Content Mr. Fruit! Wish I found you sooner. <3

  2. I know these videos were probably on backlog, and Halo dropping so suddenly can mess that up….but Halo video soon?

  3. If mr Fruit loves something why wouldn’t everyone else love it

  4. Like, i respect how well they have made their new build of the game but what about the old format? I loved the game it used to be and despize tarkov so ill just experience it through Mr. Fruit i guess.

  5. Pokémon Nuzlock? :D. I have the best time when watching Mr. Fruit playing Pokémon Nuzlock. Maybe it isn’t popular with the channel.

  6. Love these vids, def gonna check the cycle out again when it's released

  7. I'm glad you like it fruit and I'll drop a like as always. I'm not watching though because I'm so sick of battle royale and fps games. They are always the same and it's old and tired.

  8. I never got into the Closed Beta but I've been excitedly awaiting the full release of Frontier. I loved the old game so much, but I've always been curious about Tarkov-like games, and the Cycle embodying that just seems really interesting. I am loving the videos on it, so thank you for posting these Mr. Fruit!

  9. I’m actually starting to like these kind of games 🙂

    Was skeptical at first.

  10. I feel like Aerios is much more chillaxed and, well, normal than he used to be in his early appearances in Fruit vids.

  11. 🤘⚡🤘⚡🤘⚡🤘⚡🤘⚡🤘⚡🤘⚡

  12. I have no clue if the music in the background is unique to the game or if Mr. Fruit has added it in post but it seems 1000% creepier and made me anxious (in a good way) the whole time.

  13. Literally why would you get out of the evac ship?

  14. This the kind of game that while I'm watching, I want Fruit to do good in b/c of how much risk is involved.
    It's so stressful watching.

  15. When are we getting some juicy halo content

  16. Let's just cut though base camp

    Who who's played cycle for a few week's.

    "Noooo… Don't do that"

  17. yo hit me up bruddah when the game comes out 😉 I'll happily guide

  18. It's like rust, you weigh your options on your gear, go out snag new stuff, tier up fight wildlife and players, do missions for loot (yes rust is on that as well) and mining.
    Though rust has the whole sandbox element and building + raiding.
    I know it's a tarkov clone but the thing is rust has that but more and I want a new rest season therefore I'm arguing for their similarities.

  19. If u take off scope it’s a normal sniper scope

  20. I feel like fruit has small mounts of autism “ doesn’t take easy evac ship”

  21. Day 4 of asking fruit to play just a platformer

  22. I’m gonna need to see more of this

  23. I really don't know why Fruit didn't get on the ship. IF it glitched and killed you it would have been hilarious, that's a content win-win.

  24. Imagine having the money to hire mercenaries to scour a lost planet and instead of having them work together to create a protected stronghold you have them kill each other and pay to extract them

  25. I'm disappointed Fruit. If your friends jump off a cliff you gotta be a man and jump too XD

  26. I enjoy all content and dream team members but am really enjoying this game and the dynamic of this group! Hope to see more!

  27. Sacrifices were made and friendships were tested but thy quarters shall be bejeweled with the heads of your enemies!!
    I guess the enemies of your enemies would be a better way to describe it but they don't record irrelevant details such as these in the scrolls of history. Overall a pretty good day at the frontier I would say, tonight we feast!
    PS. Would really love to see more

  28. YourMomAndSister InLeopardTightLeatherLingerie says:

    Bro, either this game has some sick dynamic ost that fits every instance in the game's atmosphere, or Mistah Froot is working his usual magic; now I'm no expert with these devs but I have experience with papa Fruit's editing quality, so I'm gonna go for the latter. Either way, keep these pumping Fruta, love the CAHNTENT as always.

  29. I am a fan of it but can’t play it because I have a Console not a pc so I wish it would come to console.

  30. I liked this game in it's OG state when you played it and I like it now. Keep 'em coming big boi. 👍

  31. Love your videos Fruit but I’m sorry to say, this is B O R I N G.

  32. Mr Fruit, play tiny Tina’s assault on dragon keep!

  33. Fruit here putting the shooter in this Technically A Looter Shooter! Awesome!!

  34. Fruit got One Deag'd by the bolt action last video and decided to rock it!!

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